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Get the cheapest flights available with Cheapest Month search

Well-loved by our users, the Skyscanner Australia Cheapest Month tool allows you to find the months with the cheapest airline tickets in the year. It's great if you know where you want to go, but you also have more flexibility around when you can travel. Read on for cheap flights to London, the rest of Europe, Bangkok, Los Angeles, New Zealand and everywhere else.

Do you want the cheapest airline tickets available? You can save a lot of money using the cheapest month feature, because flight costs can vary dramatically throughout the year. For example, it’s typical to find a surge in flight prices during popular travel periods, but if you’re flexible and you can travel outside of the popular months, you may see flight prices halved.

How can I find out the cheapest airline tickets and the cheapest time to fly?

On desktop web

Firstly, enter where you are flying from and where you want to go into the white search boxes. Then click on the white Depart box. A drop down calendar will appear. At the top of this calendar box you will see a Specific date tab and a Whole Month tab.

Click on the Whole Month tab. A new box appears. Using this box you can either compare the cheapest flights for each month (using our handy Whole Month tool) by clicking on a particular month, such as September.

Or, you can go ahead and use the Cheapest Month tool, by clicking on this option.

Click on the Search Flights button. Two calendars appear side by side. The first one shows the cheapest month of the year to fly to your chosen destination. The second one shows the cheapest month to return.

There are some prices too. These prices can appear in three colours: green, orange and red. The green coloured prices are the cheapest for the month, the orange prices are more expensive, and the red ones are the most expensive.

Select the dates that interest you in both calenders. Then, click on the green Get Prices tab. Alternatively if you’ve selected dates with the prices already indicated in the calendar in green, orange or red, press the Show Flights tab and our search engine zooms into action to bring you the best flight deals available.

Before doing this you might want to click on the blue Chart tab though. This shows a bar chart indicating the cheapest to most expensive days in the month.

Now you know how to use our Cheapest Month tool, it’s time to start searching for the cheapest airline tickets and all those cheap flights. You can really save with Skyscanner Australia.

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