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Best Value Destinations: Upsize Your Dollar

To be a savvy traveller, you want make the most of each dollar you spend. Unfortunately, not all destinations are created equal. Your budget for one destination might stretch to cover just a few days there, or enough for a month-long holiday at another destination. At Skyscanner Australia, we've analysed the average prices of flights, accommodation, food, and water to reveal the best value destinations for Australians.

The best value flights for 2017

We compared the average flight prices across 2016 and 2017 and found that the cost of travelling to some destinations are becoming more expensive while other destinations are getting cheaper. Fortunately, flight prices have dropped significantly (over 10%) for these popular holiday destinations.

If you’re considering travelling to Los Angeles, New York, or Bali, you might want to note the price increase from 2016 to 2017.

The average cost of flight price changes between 2016 and 2017

How much you’ll spend

When you have a set budget, it’s comforting to know what you can expect to spend not just on flights but also the cost of being there.

We’ve compared the average cost of a night spent in a 3-star hotel, three meals out, two train trips, and a bottle of water. Though you might have found a cheap flight somewhere, it’s not a good feeling to be surprised by the prices of hotels or train rides that cost a fortune.

The average cost of a day in cities around the world

The cost of a beer

The price of beer is often a great reflection of how expensive everything else will be. High-priced pints usually correlate to more expensive food, admission costs, and accommodation. Check out the average price of a domestic draught beer.

The average price of a beer around the world

The cost of a coffee

Wondering what it’s going to cost to get your caffeine fix? These are the average prices for a regular cappuccino.

The average price of a coffee around the world

Where is the winner?

If you’re planning to spend a five-day holiday overseas, trips to Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and Bangkok offer the best value. You would spend about $867 in Kuala Lumpur, $880 in Phuket, and $1,060 in Bangkok.

Kuala Lumpur

Compare flights to Kuala Lumpur

Interestingly, though flights to Singapore are cheaper than many of the other cities, the average daily spend makes it one of the most expensive places on this list to visit. For a five-day trip to Singapore, you can expect to spend around $2,209.


Compare flights to Singapore

Finding a balance between daily trip expenses and the cost of flying to your holiday destination can be a challenge. Don’t let cheap flights lure you into thinking a destination will be cheap overall. You might also want to consider going somewhere that may be expensive to fly to but is relatively cheap for hotels, meals and transportation.

Are you feeling inspired by this information to book your next trip? Skyscanner Australia can help you find the cheapest flights, hotel rooms, and car hire options all around the world.