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News Skyscanner Everywhere search: How to find flights from Australia to anywhere in the world

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Skyscanner Everywhere search: How to find flights from Australia to anywhere in the world

Ready to find some cheap flights from Australia, but want some inspiration too? Well, look no further than Skyscanner Australia’s Everywhere search tool. This handy option allows you to look at multiple destinations accessible from your nearest airport, so that you can spot the cheapest flights to places you may not even have thought of visiting. It opens up a world of opportunities. 

How to use the Everywhere tool to find cheap flights from Australia to various destinations around the world

Step 1: Enter your departure point in the ‘From’ box

You can either type in your local airport (for example, Sydney or Melbourne), or if you’re feeling really flexible, you can type in ‘Australia’ to find the cheapest flights leaving Australia on a certain day of the month.

Step 2: Type ‘Everywhere’ into the ‘To’ box

Start typing ‘Everywhere’ and, after you’ve typed a few letters, a blue box with pop up, asking you to click on it.

Step 3. Enter your travel dates and the number of passengers travelling 

If you’ve got specific dates  in mind then enter them in the ‘depart’ and ‘return’ boxes. You’ll see something like this:

But, if you’re just browsing and don’t mind when you fly,  you can search for flights going to destinations in a single month. For example, click on the ‘depart’ and our Whole month search becomes available. Click on a month, for example April, and the cheapest flights to destinations for April appear. Here is what the page looks like:

Or, you can select the Cheapest month option. Then enter the cabin class and number of passengers in the next box and hit ‘Search flights’. A page like the one below will then open.

Step 4: Let Skyscanner Australia do the hard work for you

Skyscanner Australia will search out the best deals across the web and list all of the destinations you can travel to, starting with the cheapest. Click on the country name and you’ll see a list of destinations within that country, starting with the cheapest airfare. For example, click on Indonesia and you will see destinations like Jakarta and Bali, with a green button indicating a price that flights start at. Click on this button to reveal flight costs (you will have to choose the city want to depart from if you originally typed in ‘Australia’ rather than an Australian city, like Sydney, in the ‘To’ search box).

Step 5: Get cheap flights

A page like this will appear once you have selected where you are flying from and to, and on which dates. 

Simply click the green ‘Select’ button and your flights will appear. The page will look something like this:

There you have it, a few easy steps to find the cheapest flights to absolutely everywhere! So get daydreaming and test out this cool search tool for yourself.