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News Long haul flight hack: Rent-a-bed to sleep on planes & arrive rested

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Long haul flight hack: Rent-a-bed to sleep on planes & arrive rested

Have you ever arrived at a holiday destination feeling like you’ve survived some cruel torture complete with bloodshot eyes, hair akimbo and crinkled clothes looking like you’ve been sleeping rough? How to sleep on planes is an enviable asset for the long haul economy class traveller. But options for sleeping onboard planes is improving. Skyscanner Australia checks out some clever travel hacks to start your holiday rested and refreshed.

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Rent a Bed in the sky

Australian travellers are used to sleeping while flying anywhere South East Asia – it’s the downside of being ‘down under’ when taking holidays to Europe, USA or South America. The good news is that airlines and aircraft manufacturers are making long haul flights more comfortable for passengers. Did someone say rent-a-bed in the sky?

Always one flight ahead of the fleet, Airbus are developing sleeping berths to fit inside an aircraft’s cargo hold. These sleeping berth ‘pods’ are sleek modules that can be interchanged with regular cargo containers, creating an efficient way for airlines to add or subtract sleeping or cargo space as demand requires. It’s an exciting opportunity for travellers to sleep away an entire flight with rows of bunk beds stacked up either side of a corridor. Partnering with Zodiac Aerospace, Airbus says that this is a giant step towards passenger comfort, allowing airlines to offer rent-a-bed tickets on specific flights.

As well as sleeping berths, other options Airbus has dreamed up include modules kitted out as kids play centres, meeting rooms, lounge areas, gaming hubs or business centres.

It’s not yet certain when these beds on planes will be operational though it’s thought they could be in use on Airbus A330 wide-body jets from 2020. Hellooo sleep nirvana!

Sleeping pod modules are all part of Airbus’s vision to offer a blank canvas for airlines to customise interiors to suit demand under the Transpose project. Kids play zones, gyms, spas, even movie theatres are all possible, making flying fun with entertainment zones offered for a fee to bored passengers.

Airline Crew Sleeping Cabins

Of course airline cabin crew and pilots need to sleep on the plane and flight crew have always had access to beds in the sky. If you’re wondering where do pilots sleep on a plane, well, they have their own private crew quarters, known as Crew Rest Compartments (CRC for short). Crew comfort is paramount, given they need to be rested to perform their jobs and ensure passenger safety. CRC’s are usually tucked away above the main cabin and are accessed by a ‘secret’ stairwell.

Flight crew cabin Photo

Travel hacks to sleep on a plane and help beat jet lag

Failing getting a job as flight crew, and, until rent-a-bed sleeping pods are rolled out, here’s Skyscanner’s ten best tips on how to sleep on planes on your next long haul flight:

1. Ask for a window seat – Window seats offer a few precious inches of extra room as well as providing somewhere for you to wedge a pillow for a head rest.

2. Dress comfortably – Shun the Fashion Police and slip on a pair of stretchy pants and multiple layers of tops made from breathable, crinkle-free t-shirt like material.

3. Sensible shoes – Wear flat shoes that can easily slip on and off as well as a pair of clean odor-free socks

4. Eye mask and ear plugs – Essential items to block out entertainment screens of seat companions and the endless hum of engine and passenger chatter.

5. Drugs – Chemical sedatives may induce a sort of groggy hangover feeling. A better alternative may be natural remedies like melatonin which may help shift your circadian rhythm

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6. Avoid alcohol – As tempting as it is to knock back free booze, flying dehydrates us and drinking alcohol exaggerates the issue.

7. Drink Water – it might not sound quite as fun as getting stuck into the free inflight alcohol but you’ll arrive in much better shape, trust us.

8. Flying East or West – if you’re flying east try going to bed an hour earlier and arise earlier than usual in the days before departure.

9. Adjust your watch – adjust your watch once onboard to your destination time zone and start acclimating during the flight to your normal eat, drink and sleep patterns.

10. Stay awake upon arrival – unless you arrive at your destination late at night, it’s best to stay awake until your ‘normal’ sleeping time, allowing your body to adjust to the new time zone over a couple of nights

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