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Jetstar Black Friday Flight Sale Australia

Though Black Friday 2019 has come to an end, stay tuned next year for incredible flight deals to destinations all around the globe. At Skyscanner Australia, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding a Black Friday or Cyber Monday flight sale from Jetstar.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, score big on flights on sale from Jetstar, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and Virgin Australia. To see this highlight reel of this year’s best airlines flight sales, check out our round-up of Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals. Go ahead and bookmark it–we’ll be updating it regularly.

Tips for finding the best Jetstar Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals with Skyscanner

  1. We recommend taking advantage of the cheapest month search on Skyscanner. This will show you the cheapest flights we’ve found within the past eight days.
  2. Set up a price alert before Black Friday and Cyber Monday begins. Airlines often only offer a limited number of seats and you’ll want to get yours before they’re gone. A price alert will also help know whether the price you’re seeing is a deal or a dud.
  3. Don’t forget about our everywhere search. This will highlight the cheapest destinations all around the globe. You might be surprised at what cities go on sale over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

FAQ: Jetstar Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

How can I find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from Jetstar?

Jetstar frequently hosts flight sales on Fridays so we can speculate that travellers searching on Black Friday could find lower prices than normal. Based on previous years’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Jetstar is likely to offer slashed prices on domestic flights and short-haul international flights to Asia.

You’ll want to be quick, though. Jetstar often only offers a sale until a select number of seats are sold out. Check this page: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Australia flight deals to see if Jetstar has any flights worth grabbing.

How does Jetstar’s Black Friday sale compare to other airlines?

If you’re a traveller who packs light, Jetstar could offer flight prices at rock-bottom prices. You’ll want to keep an eye on add-ons like baggage, meals, and seat selection which can add up to more than the price of the flight itself.

What about Jetstar flight sales for Cyber Monday?

While the details of Jetstar’s upcoming flight sales have yet to be released, Jetstar is known for multi-day flight sale frenzies. Jetstar could extend their sale beyond Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. It’s worth checking whether Jetstar is participating in a Cyber Monday flight sale early morning. Like many of their sales, prices are likely to only be offered until sold out.

Top Destinations for Jetstar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

If you can travel light, you’ll be surprised just how cheap flying with Jetstar can be. Though Jetstar’s domestic network is extensive, you’ll want to look out for their short-haul flights to New Zealand, the South Pacific, and Asia as well. Their bright orange branding isn’t the only thing that makes the budget airline stand out. Jetstar recently secured a top 10 position in Skytrax’s awards for the best low cost airlines in the world.


Who says you have to leave home to have an adventure? Jetstar offers domestic flights to major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Darwin. For some quiet time, the Whitsunday Coast is calling.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Explore ancient temples and ruins in Cambodia, where you can watch the sun peek over the top of vine-laden Angkor Wat

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands were crafted after travel cliches. Many travel writers have waxed poetic about the white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and feeling like you’ve been happily stranded on a desert isle. Is it really so postcard-worthy? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Nadi, Fiji

Capture the “Bula” spirit in Fiji, a nation made up of over 300 islands. With romantic retreats, family-friendly accommodations, and sand-dusted backpacker hostels, there’s an island–and a place to stay–for everyone. Pack your snorkelling gear and get ready to be amazed by Fiji’s underwater world.

Seoul, South Korea

The vibrant city of Seoul is the K-Pop capital of the world and it’s hard not to hop on the bandwagon once you’ve arrived. Creativity abounds with art galleries, live music venues, and modern architecture that can seem as though it defies gravity.

How to book Jetstar Black Friday flight deals on Skyscanner

When searching for flights on, you can filter results to include only Jetstar results on our website and on our Skyscanner app.

How to search for Jetstar Black Friday flight deals on the Skyscanner website

  1. Search for your desired travel dates and destination. Then, scroll down the results screen.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find many filters with one called ‘Airlines.’
  3. Under ‘Airlines,’ you can ‘clear all’ and then select Jetstar as the desired airline.

How to search for Jetstar Black Friday flight deals on the Skyscanner App

  1. Click on the ‘Flights’ tab. Enter your travel destination and travel dates in the search boxes.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to begin your flight search.
  3. Once the flight deals have loaded, select the ‘Sort & Filter’ section on the top right.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom section marked ‘Airlines’ and tap on ‘Airlines All’.
  5. Tap ‘None’ at the bottom to de-select all airlines, and then click the box next to ‘Jetstar.’ Then, click ‘Ok.’
  6. Swipe right from the ‘Sort & Filter’ section and only Jetstar flights will appear in your new flight search.