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Insider Travel Tips from frequent travellers

Australians are a well-travelled lot. Something about living on the world’s largest island means that travel seems to be part of our DNA. But travel, if you get it wrong, can be uncomfortable and expensive. Skyscanner Australia asked some of Australia’s most frequent travellers where to find cheap flights and travel insurance bargains along with tips on finding the best aircraft seats and how to endure long-haul flights.

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Comfort in the air

Airport travellers with luggage

If you need to make a quick running repair to your suitcase or carry-on bag, the sticky tape used on the airline luggage labels is amazing. The labels stick like crazy and don’t tear. Roderick Eime

Compression socks on long flights! I find they make a huge difference. Hardly anyone seems to wear them but I swear by them. Lucy Jones

Increase your chances of securing the seat you want by viewing seat configurations at Seat Guru, then check in online and early for your flight. Fiona Harper

One of my biggest tricks is to have a separate calico bag inside my carry-on suitcase. In the boarding lounge I fill it with the essentials I’ll actually need on a flight, eg headphones, medicine, slippers, reading material and travel pillow. It means I don’t have to access my suitcase during the flight, but I can put it all back in once I’ve landed. Jenifer Enninon

I do a lot of toddler travel and can highly recommend a trip to the local op shop for bits and bobs before you fly. You can then either donate the toys at your destination or when you get home. Stephanie Williams

Girl with water bottle

Take snacks and a refillable water bottle. Nut bars are great, as are muesli bars. Also tea and coffee bags are handy, especially peppermint tea for a dodgy tummy. Cleansing wipes are great for your face and hands. Emma Castle

Noise cancelling headphones make for a more comfortable flight. Gina Woodward

I always carry a re-useable bottle and healthy snacks like dried blueberries and raw almonds for when plane food is horrible or you’re stuck somewhere. Jennifer Enninon

Saving Money on travel

Compare Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Paris sunset and Eiffel Tower

Use Skyscanner Australia’s Cheapest Month option to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world!

Plan your timing well and even in Sydney you can have a weekend that costs 50% less, particularly over January, but every Sunday as well. If you don’t have to travel Mon to Fri, this is the obvious solution. Or travel to Paris in August when all the corporates go on holiday (leaving hotels half the price, despite it being mid summer). Peter Hook

Airline tickets for peak periods are often much more expensive. For domestic flights, avoid flights before 9am or after 4pm on weekdays if you possibly can. Added bonus: you’ll avoid rush hour getting to the airport. Angus Kidman

Follow the Facebook Pages relevant to your intended destination. Many hotels, airlines and tour operators use social media to launch special deals or one-off specials. Wendy Wu Tours

Stay at upmarket country retreats during the week, it’s usually cheaper and you’ll often have that lovely luxury to yourself. Tiana Templeman

Couple snuggle in luxury lodge

Sign up for airline newsletters to ensure you’re the first to hear about cheap flights and special airfare deals. David Higgins

Find cheap travel insurance by shopping around and using ‘compare’ sites online. Don’t be afraid to ask your travel agent to match a travel insurance quote found online. If you have a few trips planned within 12 months, an annual policy may be a better option than individual policies. Fiona Harper

Looking good while travelling

Lady with sarong on beach

For long flights I take a thin scarf (or a sarong works equally well!). When I want to sleep, I wrap it behind the headrest and tie it across my forehead. It stops my head from flopping forward or ending up on the shoulder of the person next door. No more dribbling on strangers’ shoulders! Carolyne Jasinski

I always take a travel-size spray bottle filled with Febreze Fabric Refresher. Washing clothes is easy enough but not always possible to get something drycleaned. A quick spray and hang overnight, and you’re good to go the next morning without offending anyone! And I always take my own silk pillowslip, so I know what I am sleeping on! Liz Swanton

Packing cells like ‘Zoomlite are ace! Belinda Luksic

Travel hacks from the experts

Lady with bags packed

Always take an expired credit card with you. Use in hotel in-room power slots and if you forget or leave it behind there’s no harm done. Winsor Dobbin

As I use my phone as a camera, I always carry a small portable phone charger so I don’t run out during the day. Ulrike Lemmin-Wolfrey

Always travel with a pocket torch (one of those powerful little LED ones that cost a few dollars) for when the power goes out in the middle of the night. Roderick Eime

Pack your USB charger in your carry-on luggage. Many airlines offer in-seat USB outlets, and free Wi-Fi and entertainment via smartphones are common. That’s a great way to pass the flight, but you don’t want your phone to be drained by the time you arrive at your destination. Angus Kidman

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Follow these Insider Tips and you’ll be winging your way to a tropical holiday in comfort and with dollars to spare! Skyscanner Australia has the best deals on flights, hotels and car hire with no booking fees.

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