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How to Work and Travel Sustainably at the Same Time

Learn how to work and travel sustainably with help from Skyscanner Australia, as we look at the greenest cities and how to find the greenest jobs.

Climate change is real, and as we move into a new decade we need to be thinking more seriously about our carbon footprint. From daily to long-term initiatives, every person can do their part.

With that in mind, if you’re a freelancer or simply want a life where you can work and travel whilst remaining as eco-friendly as possible, we have a few suggestions on where to go and what resources you can use.

How can I work sustainably?

If you want to re-jig your career to either help the environment directly, or you just want to do your bit in lowering your impact, there are some fantastic resources that can help you do this. Namely, these are ‘green jobs’ boards, that focus on green careers or vacancies within eco-friendly companies.

Environmental Jobs Boards in Australia

In Australia there are a few boards that look for green vacancies with organisations such as Bush Heritage Australia and the World Wildlife Fund. There are also for roles advertised within universities or the Australian government. These are:

Environmental Jobs Boards Worldwide

Of course, if you want to blend work and travel with a sustainable lifestyle, there are excellent environmental international jobs boards. These can place you with international NGOs, nonprofits, and forward-thinking corporates.

Where can I work and travel sustainably?

If you love to travel and work, but are anxious about your carbon footprint, you can choose to base yourself in cities that are working hard on becoming environmentally sustainable.

What are the greenest cities in the world?

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver not only has the luxury of being one of the most stunning cities in the world, thanks to its positioning on Canada’s glorious western coast, but it is also one of the greenest. Using both hydro-power and other renewable energy sources for powering the city, Vancouver also offers excellent public transport, and plethora of green spaces.

Oslo, Norway

For a country known for its oil production, it may seem strange that Oslo is on here, but the Norwegian capital is among the greenest cities in the world. This year, the city aims to go completely carbon neutral, and has put their money where their mouth is by providing biogas and charging stations for private and public transport.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Delightful Iceland is one of the most eco-friendly countries on the globe, and its capital Reykjavik lays claim to the largest geo-thermal heating system of any city. The combination of hydro-power and geothermal renewables has popped this eco-metropolis to the top of many green living lists.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city renowned for its bike riding has to be good, right? Amsterdam, along with being walkable and bikable, also offers 300 charging stations for those that need to hop in a car.

San Francisco, USA

The Golden Gate City is another metropolis that aims to hit a huge target this year – to become zero waste by 2020. San Fran has poured its energy into recycling, but has also really focused on promoting ‘eating local’, and thus reducing the carbon emissions of hauling goods from across the globe.


Singapore has redefined the relationship of urban living with the introduction of the incredible Gardens by the Bay, which offers space for species (other than humans) right in the heart of the city. Along with the city’s commitment to creating more green spaces, it has a superb public transport system.

Cape Town, South Africa

After being subject to serious droughts, Cape Town has had to adapt and reinvent the way it functions in order to be more sustainable, and it is now counted as the African continent’s greenest city. Excellent public transport, water saving initiatives, and huge nature reserves have secured this city a place on our list.

Curitiba, Brazil

Brazil is at a crossroads, with the Amazon Rainforest having been hit by serious fires, it is more important that ever for greener cities to emerge. Curitiba is one of those cities. Some 1.5 million trees have been planted by locals in this city, and Curitiba recycles around 70% of its waste, along with introducing recycling incentives like food and money in exchange for recyclable items.

Copenhagen, Denmark

There are a lot of European cities on our list, but Copenhagen takes the crown. It’s considered to be the greenest city in Europe, and quite likely, in the world. Bicycles in Copenhagen outnumber the cars, all public transport is currently transforming to electric, and it hopes to be the first metropolis to become totally carbon neutral by 2025.


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