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Cheap Christmas Flights Deals

December is the busiest time of the year for Santa Claus, and for Australians too ! Many of us will travel the country and/or the world to spend some much deserved quality time with family and loved ones. May you be "home", on the other side of the country or around the world, according to Skyscanner Australia, the best way for you to book that "cheap Christmas flight" is to book your flight early.

The Christmas and New Year period is one of the most expensive times to take a flight. But work or family commitments sometimes means that you can’t avoid it.

Luckily Skyscanner Australia has got your back. To stop you from getting stung we’ve collected some tips on when to book that “cheap Christmas flight”. So you can get home for Christmas with change left over to splash out on a few extra stocking stuffers. 

Christmas deals
Flights from Sydney Flights from Melbourne
Flights from Brisbane Flights from Adelaide
Flights from Perth Hotel deals
Car hire deals
Best month to book August to September
Best savings ~30% savings (booked 17 to 18 weeks in advance)
Recommended day to fly 22nd December 2019 or 25th December 2019
Worst month to book December
Worst day to fly Friday 20th of December 2019

From Sydney

✈️Destination💸Return price from*🎄Find your trip
Bali$1043Check deals
Melbourne$174Check deals
Auckland$642Check deals
Bangkok$1063Check deals
Gold Coast$151Check deals
New Delhi$1300Check deals
Brisbane$189Check deals
London$1806Check deals
Singapore$845Check deals
Los Angeles$1634Check deals

From Melbourne

✈️Destination💸Return price from*🎄Find your trip
Bali$931Check deals
Sydney$159Check deals
New Delhi$1239Check deals
Brisbane$281Check deals
London$1846Check deals
Auckland$750Check deals
Bangkok$976Check deals
Gold Coast$287Check deals
Phuket$926Check deals
Adelaide$166Check deals

From Brisbane

✈️Destination💸Return price from*🎄Find your trip
Bali$1014Check deals
Melbourne$231Check deals
Sydney$189Check deals
Auckland$750Check deals
London$1845Check deals
Bangkok$1281Check deals

From Perth

✈️Destination💸Return price from*🎄Find your trip
Bali$574Check deals
Melbourne$437Check deals
Sydney$473Check deals
Singapore$844Check deals
London$1688Check deals

From Adelaide

✈️Destination💸Return price from*🎄Find your trip
Melbourne$164Check deals
Bali$885Check deals
Sydney$246Check deals
Brisbane$321Check deals
London$1842Check deals

*Prices shown are accurate as of 18 July 2019, 9pm AEDT.

Planning your Christmas getaway is not always easy, with December flight deals getting more expensive the closer you get to the Christmas holidays.

To help you bag the most affordable Christmas travel deals, Skyscanner Australia has put together a curated list of the most popular destinations for a Christmas getaway from the main capital cities in Australia.

We’ve listed cheap Christmas flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide departing to domestic destinations as well as Bali, London, Singapore, Auckland and Bangkok. These flights leave before Christmas and return in early January so you can make the most of your Christmas holidays.

Deals are published in the month of July 2019. Prices quoted are per person, return, for the period specified. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/ or availability.

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Whenever you find a flight through Skyscanner, you’ll instantly unlock special discounts for various hotels and accommodation, B&Bs, resorts and hostels in the destination you’re flying to. Click on the banner below to find out more.

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Looking for hotels with clean rooms, great breakfast, free Wifi or parking included? We help you to search and compare hundreds of trusted hotel suppliers so you can find your ideal accommodation options easily in one place. Find the best deals on hotels, apartments and hostels in our favourite destinations below with these tips and tricks.

Destination Prices for 2 guests, 1 room
Sydney From $93 per night
Melbourne From $85 per night
Gold Coast From $97 per night
Singapore From $92 per night
Honolulu From $167 per night

Search heaps of car rental deals with the best prices

Whether you’re travelling for a family vacation, taking a road trip during a quick weekend getaway or planning a cross-country visit, let us help you find the perfect rental car for your next adventure on the open road. Check out more car rental deals in our top destinations below.

Destination Prices for Compact cars
Brisbane From $63 per day
Melbourne From $31 per day
Sydney From $27 per day
Auckland From $19 per day
London From $78 per day
Prices stated are the lowest estimates only at the time of publication in July 2019 and are subject to change and/ or availability. Remember to bookmark this page – we’re updating it regularly!

If you didn’t manage to find any deals you like, do a quick search here for more 👇

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If you didn’t manage to find any deals you like, do a quick search below for more 


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