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Book a holiday with this year’s tax return refund. Our top picks!

It’s winter, which means two things: the weather is colder and we're all getting tax refunds! Skyscanner Australia shows you all the destinations you can fly to with this year's tax refund.

Nothing feels quite so good as an injection of cash into our poor neglected bank accounts, but then the question remains, what to do with that money?

Australia’s financial watchdog the ASIC calculated that the average tax refund last year for Australians was a hefty $2574 – which makes for a sizeable budget if you’re in need of a holiday!

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Besides, no matter what your refund ends up being, you can totally treat yourself to a little getaway. Especially since we’ve knocked up a wee list of holidays by budget, so you can see just how easy it is to slice off a little time for yourself this year.

Prices are based on return flights for one adult.

Holiday ideas for tax return refunds of less than $500

You’d be surprised what kind of return flights you can bag for under $500. We’re not just talking domestic flights either.

Hobart – $168

We don’t make much time for the spectacular attractions in our own backyard, but it’s never too late. Dive into Hobart’s historical attractions, like Port Arthur and Salamanca Place, wine and dine in the city’s nearby vineyards, and explore Tasmania’s incredible national parks.

Bali – $282

That’s right, why do you think Bali is so popular? Cheap to fly to, cheap to stay in, and filled with a whole host of attractions, Bali is kind of a one-stop-shop. Relax on beaches, do yoga, tour the temples, hike the mountains, and eat like a king.

Cairns – $313

If you aren’t super keen on a long flight, but want to banish the winter blues, hop to Cairns! In winter, the average temperatures are still 25°C, and that is the same for the water temperature! It’s the best time of year for diving, snorkelling and whale watching. What are you waiting for?

Auckland $434

The magnificent landscapes of New Zealand are only a 3 hour flight away, and the price is most definitely right. From Auckland you can enjoy the charm of the big city or escape onto Waiheke Island and drink wine and camp your days away. You can even rent a car and visit Middle Earth, Hobbiton is closer than you’d think!

Singapore – $497

Just squeaking in under the ringer is Singapore, the glorious and sophisticated Asian city that sits right on the equator. Those who hate winter can’t go wrong here, the average daily temperatures hover in between 25 and 30°C. Plus, if you’re on a budget you can still gorge on Michelin-starred cuisine at food stalls (no, really!). This is heaven for any foodie, no matter your bank balance. 

Holiday ideas for tax refunds of $500-1000

Ho Chi Minh City – $565

Few places bring the kind of energy Vietnam does to the table, and does so with such aplomb. Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s largest city and a cultural powerhouse – tour the museums and galleries, hit the bars and clubs, and throw yourself into its unreal dining scene. You won’t be sorry.

Fiji – $682

Of course, you don’t have to throw yourself into city life if you don’t want to. Paradise is literally $682 away. Imagine white sand beaches, emerald palms and sapphire seas, and you’re close to how beautiful Fiji is. Spend your days (and your tax return) on this glorious destination.

Beijing – $704

Beijing is one of those places that despite the towering skyscrapers and busy streets, feels so ancient. Some of the world’s most incredible historical treasures lie here, see the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, visit the Summer Palace, and walk the Great Wall of China. An unforgettable experience.

Tokyo – $819

Who would’ve thought Tokyo would be so damn cheap to fly to? Discover the bright lights, clubs, theme parks, museums, galleries, temples and the incredible food bars of Tokyo – a one-of-a-kind destination.

Hawaii – $886

Ah, yes please! If you have always dreamed of strolling along the sands of Waikiki, swimming with dolphins, learning how to surf and getting to know the incredible indigenous culture of Hawaii, now’s your chance.

Holiday ideas for tax refunds of $1000-2000

Delhi – $1032

To experience Delhi is to experience life. This frenetic, colourful, incredible city is home to some of the country’s most glorious architecture (Humayun’s Tomb, the Red Fort), the best chaat, and provides you access to some of the world’s most famous attractions, such as the Taj Mahal. Get thee to Delhi, you won’t regret it.

Paris – $1141

Is your tax return a bit better than expected? The City of Lights is not that expensive to get to in the big scheme of things, and this is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. See the Eiffel Tower, the Bastille, and the Arc de Triomphe on your tour to gay Paris!

Santiago – $1449

Of course, if the New World is more your thing, then Santiago lies in wait. Not only is this a fantastic city with a vaunted dining scene, it is also a brilliant jumping off point for explorations down the Chilean coast and into Patagonia.

London – $1525

Fancy taking tea at the Ritz? Shopping down Oxford Street? Touring the Tower of London, and trying to spy the Queen at Buckingham Palace? All that is possible with flights to London, and for less that $2000!

Johannesburg – $1603

If city trips aren’t what you’re after, you can always choose something more adventurous! The Big 5 are only a flight away after all. See lions, leopards, water buffalo, rhino and elephants on a safari trip to Kruger, just outside of Johannesburg.

Buenos Aires – $1675

Step to the beat of a different drum by exploring the gorgeous city of Buenos Aires. Tour the museums, galleries, colonial architecture and stunning botanic gardens, then throw yourself into Argentine culture by eating steak, drinking bold wines, and watching people tango in the cobbled squares of the city.

Mauritius – $1724

Beside the storied shores of Madagascar lie islands more beautiful than you can even imagine. The little nation of Mauritius is among these pearls that litter the Indian Ocean, and here you can snorkel, dive, and sunbathe but also go on adventure safaris on the island.

Vancouver – $1883

Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and softening to golden sand beaches, Vancouver is just a show-stoppingly gorgeous city. In winter you can ski just outside the city, in summer you can hit the beach at Kitsilano. What’s not to love?

Holiday ideas for tax refunds of $2000-3000

Copenhagen – $2071

Walk along the shores where Hans Christian Anderson was once inspired. Enjoy the colourful harbourside, experience Danish hygge, and see the now-famous Little Mermaid statue perch on her rock, watching over the city.

Cairo – $2170

Fly to Cairo this year with your tax refund and you can stand beneath the shadow of ancient monuments like the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings. If you want a window into the past, and a look into the heart of contemporary Egypt, this is the destination for you.

Mykonos – $2344

Remember when we told you that the average tax refund for Aussies was $2574? Well for just shy of that standard tax refund you can be sunning yourself on the sands of the beautiful and beloved Greek island of Mykonos. 

Havana – $2931

Picture yourself in a world gone by, where 50s chrome cars slide by, jazz music frames the air, and everyone smiles at you, and you’ll have an idea of the effortless charm of Havana. Book your tax refund holiday to this timeless destination, you won’t be sorry.


For more holiday ideas on where to spend your tax refund this year, simply pop in your departure city into our search bar, and type Everywhere into the destination window, and Skyscanner Australia will show you all the options available from your city.