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Book cheap flights to Bali: winning over wet weather

Take advantage of cheap flights to Bali during the wet season! Skyscanner Australia will not only help you book your flights, but we'll also tell you what to expect of the season and go through all the pros and cons of visiting during this time. Including a list of great things you can do whenever the Balinese skies turn grey.

The Balinese wet season is one of the best kept secrets of Indonesia, not only because flights to Bali are at their cheapest, but because this season is waaaaaay sunnier than you’d think.

Booking flights to Bali during the wet season – our most frequently asked questions.

Some of the major questions we get asked by travellers looking to book flights to Bali in the wet season include:


When is the Bali wet season?

Rainy season in Bali is typically between October to March – with December to February being the rainiest months. So if you’re looking to book cheap flights to Bali, we recommend also aiming for these periods.

The island has microclimates – it’s often sunny in one town while pouring in the next town over. Because of this, weather reports aren’t especially helpful. During Bali’s wet season, expect that it will likely rain heavily once a day, typically in the afternoon. One big advantage to this downpour is that it brings down the temperature of the day considerably.

Because of the standard time of rain in the wet season, it’s smart to organise tours in the morning. This means they have less chance of being washed out plus the bonus of an afternoon backup if the rain does come early.

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What is Bali like during the rainy season?

The perception of a ‘wet season’ is often that you’ll be subjected to rain all day, every day, but that is rarely the case. In general the rain comes in short and heavy downpours that typically last a few hours and clear up quickly. In Bali, these downpours usually come in the afternoon, when the day has reached its hottest point, and by that time you’ll be relieved when the sky opens up.

There are bouts where the rain can last a few days, but life continues as usual for Balinese people and it’s rare that attractions close. Many people even welcome the rain because it offers a temporary respite from the tropical heat.

There’s no reason for rain to deter you from seeing this incredible island of stunning nature and vibrant culture. Especially as in most cases, you’ll be enjoying blue skies and 25-33°C temperatures. Really, there is never a bad time to be in Bali.

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What are the benefits to booking flights to Bali during its rainy months?

Well, the biggest benefit is the affordability, but there are a few other benefits worth knowing about.

Fewer tourists

Most travellers fly to Bali during the dry season, and as such, you’ll find this island is a lot more chill during its rainier months. Beaches, attractions and temples are a lot less crowded. If you’ve always dreamed of getting the perfect solo Instagram shot of ‘The Gates of Heaven’ now’s your chance.

Cheaper prices

A lot cheaper. Prices drop significantly, not only when it comes to finding cheap flights to Bali, but also lower attraction rates and cheaper accommodation options. The hotels in Bali come in at much lower prices, and it’s not uncommon to get a cheeky upgrade during this time of year.

Lush jungles

Volcano trekking may be off the menu during the rainy season, but you’ll find that the island looks its absolute best at this time of year. From the clamouring emerald jungles, to the rushing waterfalls, and lush rice terraces, this is when Bali comes into its own.

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If I do book flights to Bali during the wet season, what can I do when it rains?

Although we often think of Bali’s beautiful beaches, the island has plenty of other attractions to enjoy when it’s raining. In fact, sometimes the rain gives you a chance to really get to know the culture of Bali which you might otherwise skip in favour of working on your tan. Some suggestions to fill up your itinerary:

Food tours and cooking lessons

Balinese fare is fragrant, spicy and delicious. Along with trying all the top-rated restaurants on the island, you should try your hand at cooking up some mie or nasi goreng, nasi campur, gado gado, or your favourite Indonesian dish at one of the many Balinese cooking classes offered throughout the island.

Spa treatments

One of the appeals of sunshine and beaches is the relaxation aspect, but there are other ways to wind down.

Escape the rain by heading to the nearest spa and treating yourself to a massage, facial, manicure and/or pedicure. The traditional Balinese style massage will have you forgetting all about the storm that awaits outside – and the smell of outside rain complements the essential oils nicely.

Yoga and wellness retreats

If you’re booking flights to Bali to experience the health and wellness movement that has become famous the world over, the rainy season is ideal. Most of the schools and studios are sheltered, but open air, and finding clarity in meditation is truly magical against the sounds of rainfall. Take a yoga class or check into a wellness retreat to learn meditation, yoga and other techniques that lead to optimal health.

Underwater adventures

Why not head to the sea as soon as the rain starts – you were already planning to get wet anyways, right? Go scuba diving, catch a wave in the surf, go for swim or take a freediving course. Sometimes, the rain can affect the visibility and wave conditions, but not always.

Tour Balinese art galleries and temples

Balinese culture is animated and welcoming, and it’s easy to learn about the local culture as an outsider. Take a stroll through some of the Balinese art galleries, which are renowned for their sculpting and woodwork. Alternatively, you can visit a handful of the hundreds of temples throughout the island. Most locals are happy to explain the nuances behind their culture when asked, so it’s an easy way to make friends as well.

Theatre and dance performances

Picture technicolour costumes with gold-laden headpieces adorning dancers moving to the beat of Balinese instruments. Balinese dance and theatre performances are an exciting way to gain insight into the colourful culture that revolves around gods and demons. Many dances mix theatrical elements within their routines, making it easy for everyone to follow along.

What should I watch out for when I book flights to Bali during the rainy season?

There are a few other considerations when booking flights to Bali during rainy season. Some of the biggest factors include:

Flooded roads and trails

You may be flying to Bali, but one thing to consider during the island’s wet season is that road conditions tend to worsen after a long stretch of rain. You’ll want to plan your routes carefully and be sure to pack a poncho if you’re motorbiking around the island.

It pays to stay somewhere more central in the rainy season, where you can walk to restaurants and attractions, just in case the roads flood. Dirt trails and steps also get quite slippery.

Ocean conditions

Big storms can wash debris from land to sea and might be a swimming hazard. Currents and waves also tend to pick up during storms, so be sure to check the conditions thoroughly before heading out into the water for a swim, surf, snorkel, or dive. If the sea is too rough, boats may refuse to shuttle back and forth. Don’t book an important flight or travel a plan too close to a boat ferry ride – delays are common, so you’ll want extra time in between journeys just in case.

Also, keep in mind that underwater visibility can also be reduced, which can impact a big scuba diving trip you’ve been dreaming of for years, so watch the conditions for this too.

scuba diving in Bali

Polluted beaches

Unfortunately, the rain and ocean currents wash plastic trash and other debris onto the beaches around Kuta during the wet season. Cleaner beaches can be found up north or on the islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida, where the beaches are less exposed to the seasonal pollution.

Plastic on beaches


There must be some downsides to ridiculously cheap flights and hotels and mosquitoes are one of them. The rainy season is when you see a spike in mosquitoes. Pack extra bug repellent and bring lightweight, long-sleeved clothes to layer with, typically around dawn and dusk.

How can I book cheap flights to Bali?

There are a number of ways to book cheap flights to Bali with Skyscanner Australia – the first is to just pop your origin city in and Bali or Denpasar as your destination airport, select your dates and search! We’ll show you the cheapest flights available for your dates.

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All information is correct as of July 2019

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