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Aussie & NZ Travel bloggers worth following – Part 2

Continuing our series of Aussie & NZ Travel Bloggers worth following, here's Skyscanner Australia's top picks for planning your next holiday! If you missed the first 10 travel bloggers worth following check out Aussie & NZ Travel Bloggers worth following Part 1!

11. Hello Sydney Kids

Seana Smith’s Hello Sydney Kids travel blog helps to plan family days that revolve around beaches, cafes, amazing playgrounds, family walks, fab swimming pools. There’s detailed information parents need to make a big day out fun for everyone as well as ideas for family holidays far beyond Sydney too.

12. Holy Smithereens

A visually beautiful travel blog, Jean says she’s wanted to travel and write since she was gifted a toy typewriter during a family Hong Kong holiday. She’s been a bit of a globetrotter ever since, checking out the luxury side of the planet via Holy Smithereens.

13. Indie Travel Podcast

Kiwi travellers Craig and Linda have been travelling the globe for a decade or so and confess to being addicted to and afflicted with the travel bug. The Indie Travel Podcast aims to inspire others to travel independently while sharing, and learning from, the mistakes they’ve made on the road

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14. Love Swah

A beguiling mix of food (bakers rejoice!), travel and design by a Sydney-based baking-mad graphic designer, Love Swah is dedicated to life’s pleasures. Expect delicious dessert recipes, travel tips, hints and recommendations along with tutorials in design. The whole shebang is beautifully packaged up in a good looking and fun. website.

15. Mister Weekender

If you’re looking for a city guide, look no further than Mister Weekender. Created by Jaharn Giles, Mister Weekender is jam packed with free, downloadable itineraries and guides and a plethora of travel tips.

16. Mr and Mrs Amos

Refreshingly different from many travel blogs, Mr and Mrs Amos feature beautiful slideshows and long reads primarily targeted at sophisticated, experienced travellers with a cultural bent. A multi-talented partnership between journalist Lee Tulloch and photographer Tony Amos, the site takes readers on a joyous ride following their in-depth global travels.

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17. The Global Goddess

The Global Goddess is a travel blog aimed at smart, sexy, strong and spiritual women (and the great men who love them). Follow this sometimes irreverent view on the world in which we travel if you want a laugh from seasoned travel journalist Christine Retschlag.

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18. The Trusted Traveller

Self-confessed digital nomads who are unable to satisfy the travel itch, Jen and Mick are unsuccessfully resisting the urge to cast off their cares and travel full time. Follow their global roaming at The Trusted Traveller.

19. Travel Boating Lifestyle

Disclaimer & shameless plug: Travel Boating Lifestyle is the work of Cairns-based travel writer and career gypsy Fiona Harper (the author of this article). Tropical islands and mountains, yachts and ships, bikes and hikes, reviews and reports are all tossed upon a sea with liberal lashings of humour and outdoor fun.

20. Y-Travel-Blog

Caz and Craig have been blogging for six year and travelling for sixteen years. To whet your appetite, their blog has oodles of tips such as how to save money for travelling, how to travel with a family or travel alone! They also have one of the most extensive range of guides covering all continents for you to sink your teeth into. Time to grab that cup of tea and biccie and start wanderlusting.

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