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Aussie & NZ Travel bloggers worth following – Part 1

Only a few years ago guide books were essential tools for holiday travel planning. Fast forward to present day and travel blogs have taken over for finding holiday tips. Skyscanner Australia makes sense of the best Australian and New Zealand travel bloggers worth following.

Remember those Lonely Planet guidebooks with their easily-recognisable covers? Dog-eared and worn, shared, swapped and traded, they were a traveller’s best friend for where to go and things to do. They’re almost obsolete these days as travel blogs take centre stage.

Type travel blogs Australia into Google and you’ll get around 28.5 million results. It’s overwhelming! But what makes a good travel blogger? The best are decent writers who know how to spin a yarn without bias or agenda. Those worth following probably won’t have a tag line along the lines of ‘I’ve visited 3,762 countries in three weeks’. Travel is not a contest. It’s joy, it’s laughter and it’s delirious fun. It can also be a little scary and downright miserable at times. But mostly travel is enlightening, entertaining and educational.

Here’s our top picks to get you started:

1. Adventures All Around

A travel blog with a sense of fun and a love for life, Adventures All Around is Amanda Woods’ take on life. Amanda’s inspiring, informing, entertaining and educating those either planning their next holiday or just after a little escapism at their desk. There’s a mix of feature stories, reviews, travel tips and interviews about travel, adventures and a little luxury.

2. AussieFlashpacker

The Aussie Flashpacker is run by Simone and Dan, an Australian girl & English guy who have spent the past ten years travelling extensively to six continents. Check out their bucket-list (there’s currently 119 things to do and counting!), you’ll be wanting to make a copy of it.

3. Blogger at Large

New Zealander Megan Singleton’s Blogger at Large is one of the original travel blogs. After 10 or so years she’s perfected the art of travel blogging, picking up a backpack full of awards along the way. Blogger at Large is loaded with tips, insights, stories and inspiration from across the globe.

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4. Captured Travel

Captured Travel and its sister site Global Surf Sounds are the work of travel journalist Kate Webster. Vivid imagery and compelling stories capture the essence of the places Kate visits. She’s driven by a love of travel and fascination with the world. When she’s not bouncing around the world on ramshackle buses, overcrowded trains, or on the back of a rickshaw, you can find her based in the Gold Coast eagerly planning her next adventure.

5. Food Wine Travel

Food Wine Travel is on an enviable mission to seek out the hottest destinations & the best travel tips, the best places to eat, what wine you should be drinking and how to eat beautifully at home. It’s quite some charter! Food Wine Travel is your number one guide to the good things in life.

6. Fluffy Towel

The cutesy name for Carmen Jenner’s Fluffy Towels is inspired by travellers who love their fluffy towels as much as their travels. There’s a lot of luxury travel stories as well as an insiders view of the world’s most isolated city, Perth, Carmen’s home town when she’s not gallivanting around the globe.

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7. Frugal First Class Travel

Jo wasn’t always a first class kinda gal. Until she discovered the formula for packing light, paying less and seeing more that is. A true traveller with a gypsy soul, ignore the frugal styling of this travel blog and enjoy first class tips on how to make the most out of Frugal First Class Travel.

8. Genuine Journeys

Genuine Journeys by Sue Gough-Henly is full of insider tips on the best places for authentic experiences and luxury splurges. It is packed with curated content, the sort of ‘decision assistance’ you might rely on from a well-travelled friend.

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9. Girl Tweets World

English import Jayne Gorman has settled in Sydney for the time being, though confesses she still can’t get used to the ‘back to front seasons’. She’s a seasoned travel blogging pro with a suitcase full of travel tips and tricks on Girl Tweets World.

10. Hello Sunshine

Don’t let the fact that this is the official travel blog for Tourism Queensland lull you into thinking ‘dullsville’. Written by a savvy team of passionate fans for everything Queensland, Hello Sunshine is a little bit cheeky, a teensy bit sassy and a whole lot of fun.

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