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8 Winter Escapes: find a little winter sun this year with these warm getaways

The Starks were right, winter *is* coming, but we at Skyscanner Australia know all the tricks to help you avoid it with our curated list of excellent winter escapes.

The days are getting colder, and you’re putting away your thongs and popping on your fleece, and thinking to yourself: “No God, whyyy? Why are you taking the sun from me?!”, then you are not alone.

Thankfully, due to those cheeky Wright Brothers inventing planes, you don’t have to experience the season at all, and can plan a winter escape to sunnier climes while the dreaded cold in Oz passes over.

We’ve selected some top spots to ensure you get your recommended vitamin D dose this winter – from cheeky spots nearby, to exotic locales a little further afield…

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Bali, Indonesia

We’ve all heard the siren call of Bali in winter – its tropical shores are always warm, and during the winter season in Australia, Bali is actually at its best. On average during this season you can expect days between 25-30°C.

It’s also a please-all destination: for solo travellers there are yoga retreats, hikes, snorkelling and diving trips. For couples, there are spas, world-class restaurants, and hotels with private pools. For families, there are kids clubs, water parks, beaches galore, and the Ubud Monkey Park, all more than enough to bring your little ones joy. Oh and did we mention Bali is extremely affordable? A win-win-win.

Best winter escape for: families

Singapore, Singapore

If you want a little glamour, it’s hard to beat Singapore. So fancy even its food stalls can be Michelin-starred! Enter a world of luxury rooftop bars, ethereal city gardens, celebrated restaurants, and gleaming shopping malls.

Beyond its dining, shopping, and nightlife scenes, you’ll find Singapore actually has many sides to its personality, offering up delights like night safaris at the Singapore Zoo, day trips to Universal Studios, and nearby beaches you can relax on. Best of all? The annual temperature is 25°C.

Best winter escape for: city surfing

Phuket, Thailand

We barely need to talk about the charms of Thailand, as the pictures of their beaches, jungles and turquoise waters speak for themselves. The temperature across Phuket during Australia’s winter months are 24-30°C, with average sea temperatures around 28°C.

As one of the best diving destinations in the world, and over the months of June-August is also when the water’s clarity is excellent. This affords you the chance to spot Manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles and clownfish. The set up for travellers here is wonderful, with entertainment and water parks for kids, plenty of secluded coves for adults looking to get away from it all, and lots of cultural attractions like Phuket Old Town and Wat Chalong.

Best winter escape for: beaches

Noumea, New Caledonia

No winter escape list would be complete without a nod to the South Pacific, and New Caledonia is our pick, especially if you’re not after blistering heat, but something a little more temperate.

Between June to August, the typical daily temperatures are 22°C, with sea temperatures matching! This makes New Caledonia a fantastic place to snorkel and dive. It is also an ideal destination for watersports like kite-surfing and wind-surfing, thanks to the steady trade winds that buffet the island.

Best winter escape for: watersports

Tokyo, Japan

Further afield you’ll find the energetic cities and zen-like mountain towns of Japan. Booking flights to Tokyo will have you strolling the eye-popping streets of Shinjuku, enjoying the swanky bar scene of Ginza, and gorging on sushi in the Tsukiji fish market.

Tokyo in summer is between 23 and 30°C, perfect weather if you fancy a day out at Disneyland, but if you want to find a little serenity, you can travel to Kamakura or Nikko, where temples and forests hold sway. Day trips to Fuji are also possible if you fancy some mountain air, and hopping on the bullet train can lead you to the ancient streets of Kyoto.

Best winter escape for: culture

London, United Kingdom

Whilst the chilly days descend on our cities, London is just warming up! Summer days in this city can stay light out until 9 or 10pm, meaning you will have so much touring time you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Music festivals start popping up in nearby home counties, and in the city itself rooftop bars open up, parks are filled with Prosecco-fuelled picnics, and you can spend those long days sightseeing along the Thames. See Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and more.

Best winter escape for: sightseeing

Los Angeles, USA

The City of Angels is known for two major things: Hollywood and sunshine, and on neither count does it disappoint. On average LA sees over 280 days of sunshine a year, and plenty of those are across the June-August stretch.

Added to that, this is just a fantastic place to holiday. You can enjoy the beaches of Malibu, shop in Santa Monica, get star struck in Hollywood, and charmed by Old Pasadena. Kids will be entertained by themeparks like Disneyland and Universal Studios, and adults can go clubbing down Sunset strip. Whatever you decide to do, LA can deliver.

Best winter escape for: themeparks

Hawaii, USA

Paradise has a name, and that name is Hawaii. This gorgeous Polynesian archipelago that functions as the 50th state in the USA, is pure magic. On Oahu is where you’ll find Honolulu, and its lovely bustling resort of Waikiki. Here, you can learn about the indigenous culture and how to surf, and then go on fantastic diving and snorkelling trips.

Then explore outside of Honolulu, to more of Oahu, and out to Maui and the big island called Hawaii. See the colourful reefs of Hanauma Bay, the powerful eruptions of the Volcanoes National Park, the undulating landscape Waimea Canyon. And do it all in average temperatures of 29-30°C.

Best winter escape for: nature

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