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10 smart gadgets to carry with you when travelling

Travelling can be difficult from time to time when you are not equipped with the right gadgets. So why not try out some life hacking gadgets that make life easier including Plox Titan travel adaptors, travel power boards and best travel adaptors.

Once upon a time, the only travel gadgets you couldn’t do without were a bottle opener and a Swiss Army Knife. These days, there are all sorts of handy gadgets on the market to make life on the road that bit easier. Here is the Skyscanner lowdown on 10 of the best.

1. Belkin 5 way headphones splitter

If you like to share music and videos when you travel then this little device will come in very handy. You can connect up to five headphones to your iPad, iPod, phone or any MP3 or portable DVD player.

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belkin adaptor

2. The all-new Kindle Voyage

A Kindle is always a must when you travel because, when compared to a couple of books, it’s so light. Amazon recently released ‘Voyage’ in Australia – it’s the thinnest, most advanced Kindle ever. It features a higher resolution and higher contrast screen with a new adaptive front light. Kindle Voyage WiFi is available through Dick Smith Online and at selected stores around Australia.

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kindle voyage

3. Travel Trek Router

NETGEAR’s compact Travel Trek Router is essential for travellers who need to stay connected while on the go. The device allows you to save on costly hotel WiFi fees by sharing a single paid Internet login across your tablet, laptop and smartphone. It also has a firewall to secure your devices in public hotspots. Its powerful flip-out antenna also boosts the signal of weak WiFi. Want more? It can also charge smartphones and tablets on the go too!

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nether travel router

4. tracTAG

This new, inexpensive and innovative product allows travellers to keep track of precious items such as cameras, electronics and luggage. Designed in Australia, tracTAG is made up of simple adhesive tags that you stick onto items.

If someone finds the item they scan the QR code with a smartphone or go online to They enter the unique number and the owner receives an email alert so that the two parties can arrange delivery of the lost item.

The system allows owners to update their information and details online, with each tagged item logged in the user’s profile. If an item is lost, the user just updates the system to a ‘Lost Item’ and posts a message for the finder, including any details of a reward.

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5. Korjo USB x4 Power Hub

You can easily find yourself travelling with multiple electronic devices these days, like phones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, portable game consoles, etc. This small 4 x USB plug is just the ticket for charging everything at once. It comes with four interchangeable plugs to suit power sockets worldwide.

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Korjo USB x4 Power Hub

6. Jackson Travel Powerboard

What do you do when you arrive at the hotel and it’s lacking in power points? Pull out the bedside lamp or bar fridge? What if you have several devices you want to use or charge and they have plugs on them? Designed with travel in mind, the Jackson Portable Powerboard comes with a 90cm cord which wraps neatly around the board and is secured with a toggle. The main plug fits into the wall socket. The board itself has two plug points and two USB outlets, which means you can charge four things at once. It’s surge-protected too. You can also save on power outlet adaptors. Only one is required to plug this into the wall, then plug your Australian devices straight into the powerboard.

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Jackson Travel Powerboard

7. Plox portable chargers

These chargers are just the right size and pack just enough punch to make travelling easier. They are made for the iPhone4, iPhone5 and Android and will provide between two to four rapid full charges before requiring recharging themselves. The tough Plox Titan is a universal charger that will work with any electronic device that uses a USB cord, including tablets. It charges the iPhone 5, for example five times over before needing to be recharged.

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Plox portable chargers

8. Bose noise cancelling headphones

A set of noise cancelling headphones should be your number one purchase if you are a frequent traveller. Put them on when you are on an aircraft, plug them into you device, or even the seat plug for your aircraft’s onboard entertainment system and, pow, the plane drone vanishes and you are in audio heaven. Bose are one of the best brands you can buy, but we also recommend the much cheaper TDK version.

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Bose noise cancelling headphones

9. Spot Gen 3

For adventurous types that are planning to travel to areas where mobile phone reception may not be good enough, the Spot Gen 3 is a pocket-size device that allows you to keep in contact with those back home. You can send GPS messages to pre-determined contacts, alert them if you are in trouble, or keep them up to date with your travelling progress. However You’ll need to pay for a subscription for this service.

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Spot Gen 3

10. Bialetti: Moka Elettrika 2-cup 12 Volt

Bialetti make some wonderful little portable coffee makers that are perfect for the traveller who loves a good cup of coffee wherever they are. If you have access to a stove in a holiday apartment or serviced accommodation then you can buy a non-electric version that makes a cup or two of perfectly brewed coffee. Otherwise, the below electric one does a great job too.

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Bialetti: Moka Elettrika 2-cup 12 Volt

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