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Experience Japan

Japan is a land of interesting contrasts – where tradition meets modernity. The Japan culture is an artful mix between the past and the present, from having a rich history with ancient castles and serene shrines to neon-lit city skylines and high speed bullet trains, travelling on a holiday around the Land of the Rising Sun never fails to fascinate. 

Japan – always a great idea

Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations for Australian travellers with cheap flights, multifaceted culture, incredible food and beautiful beaches. Furthermore, its unique beauty of the old and new architectures and landscapes can be enjoyed all year long. With one of the world’s lowest crime rates, Japan makes a safe and ideal holiday destination for all travellers.

Travelling Japan in style, finding the best things to do, figuring out where to stay and filtering through a sea of travel information and opportunities can be challenging to the ordinary traveller – and so here are the top 8 different cities across Japan that Skyscanner Australia recommends where you can experience the full authentic Japanese culture.

Map of Japan

Experience the diverse cultures and explore the best of what Japan has to offer with our interactive Japan map, highlighting our favourite locations across this beautiful country.

The map below shows some of the most popular must-visit cities in Japan as well as emerging ones to check out before others do! For those that are looking for something different, we threw in a few hidden gem cities to check out too.

Experience Japan with Skyscanner

Yes, there’s something for every season

While there are many other factors to consider when planning your Japan holiday, one of them is certainly the different travel seasons in Japan. Whether you’re visiting Japan in the summer or winter, the dramatic contrasts of Japan’s distinct seasons would mean that travel at any time of the year brings a unique rewarding experience. 

Which season should I visit Japan? 

Flying in with a cheaper alternative

As many would know, Japan could be a pretty expensive country to travel to but fret not – Skyscanner Australia has some data which could help you make it possible to travel to Japan without bursting your budget. The following are some alternatives which list several cheaper airports which you could consider flying to in entering Japan. 

Which airport can I fly into for a cheaper airfare? 

Go prepared

In this section, Skyscanner Australia has put together some useful advice and easy tips for everyone to travel Japan on the cheap! From first-time travellers to seasoned Japan veterans, we have practical information that would help you in planning your first visit to Japan, how to use and where to buy the Japan Rail (JR) Pass as well as to find out what are the latest cheap flight deals to Japan. 

To buy or not to buy the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)? Check out these tips on types of passes, seat reservations and more before you decide.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan for the first time, here’s a useful guide on how to do it, what to expect and what are some important things to note.

Check out the cheapest Japan flight deals which are updated daily so you can always enjoy the lowest airfares around to plan your perfect holiday.

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