Skyscanner Reveals Athens And Rome As The Best Value European Destinations For Summer 2019

  • Aussies can save up to 44% on flights to Europe for Summer 2019 by locking in their booking before 31st October
  • London remains the top Euro destination for travellers, with Moscow and Zagreb emerging as new favourites
  • A 7-day getaway to Athens is over 16% cheaper than the same trip to London

October 2018 Skyscanner, the all-in-one travel app, has today launched the best early bird discounts on European trips next summer, with a list of exclusive deals and cheap fares from airlines such as Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and more. Aussies however will have to act soon and book these exclusive deals before October 31st to enjoy up to 44% early bird savings.

European getaway remains a staple for Australian travellers

From first-time city breaks in romantic favourites such as London and Paris to budget-backpacking through Western Europe, the continent offers a broad mix of experiences and cultures. However, planning and booking travel is not always easy or cheap, especially when costs for day-to-day items can fluctuate from country-to-country.

While most Aussies often look for the cheapest flights, many forget to factor in local costs of accommodation, food and transportation that might turn a cheap-value break into a budget-breaking holiday.

For instance, although average airfare to Paris sit at $1,654, one of the cheapest, it’s estimated daily spend of $362 brings a 7-day holiday in the French capital to $4,193, more expensive than the same trip to Amsterdam, Munich and Milan.

To help Aussies upsize their dollar, Skyscanner looked into the average airfare and daily spend such as the cost of beer, a Macca’s meal and a cup of coffee in the most popular European cities and reveal the Best Value European Holidays for 2019.

Upsize your dollar with Skyscanner - We reveal the best value European holiday for Aussies In 2019

Upsize your dollar with Skyscanner - Average cost of beer around Europe 2019
Upsize your dollar with Skyscanner - Average cost of a Big Mac meal around Europe 2019
Upsize your dollar with Skyscanner - Average cost of coffee around Europe 2019
Upsize your dollar with Skyscanner - Average cost of a bottle of wine around Europe 2019

Which Are The Best Value European Cities? 

The research revealed that Athens and Rome are the best value European cities for Australian travellers to consider, with an average daily cost of $227 and $254 respectively. In addition, Barcelona ($295), and Milan ($347) also offer Aussies strong value on the daily dollar.  In addition, Barcelona ($295), and Milan ($347) also offer Aussies strong value on the daily dollar.

Barcelona also surfaced as a value destination for beer loving Aussies to consider, with local beer (0.5L) costing only $4.89, while the same costs $10.60 in Paris!

These estimated daily costs also make Dublin the most expensive destination, despite airfares to the Irish Capital being cheaper than Rome and Athens.

With the end of the year closely approaching, it is naturally a time for all of us to start planning our travel for next year. We know that Europe continues to be at the top of the list for many Australian travellers, so we are encouraging price-conscious travellers to consider the day to day costs before choosing their European adventure.

Michael Grierson, Travel Expert at Skyscanner Australia

Whilst Athens and Rome have been determined as the best value destination, Skyscanner found that, unsurprisingly, London remains the top point of entry for Australians travelling to Europe. However, Euro-bound Aussies are starting to explore new destinations, with Moscow and Zagreb emerging in the top 20 list at #9 and #11, respectively.

How Can Aussies Save On Flights To Europe?

Exclusive early bird sales to these and a host of other European destinations are now available via Skyscanner, with those who plan ahead set to save a good 44% on flights booked now rather than those closer to departure. The top recommended savings are noted below:

DestinationsEarly Bird Airfares for 2019Estimated Early Bird Savings (%)*
#1 London
from $1,05841%
#2 Dublinfrom $1,08742%
#3 Parisfrom $1,03641%
#4 Romefrom $1,12941%
#5 Manchesterfrom $1,08843%
#6 Milanfrom $1,21432%
#7 Barcelonafrom $1,29732%
#8 Athensfrom $1,19940%
#9 Belgradefrom $1,15837%
#10 Amsterdamfrom $1,01144%
Note: Prices shown in AUD, found on 4 October 2019. Head over to for the latest prices.
*Savings shown is calculated because on the difference between early bird airfares offered and the average airfare paid by actual travellers to that destination for the 2018 European summer.

An analysis of booking trend for 2018 European summer reveals that few Aussies are prepared to book almost a year in advance, while majority of bookings to Europe for the summer are booked only in May 2018. This alarming pattern comes at a hefty price because last-minute bookings made in May are can be up to 22% more expensive than the same ticket booked in October 2017.

Looking further into departures, June is the most popular month for Aussies to visit Europe, followed by July and August, with the majority of tourists naturally looking to the warmer months. However, the increased demand also makes June the most expensive time to travel with airfares rocketing to an average $1,940, compared to when departing in May ($1,430) – a huge 22% saving.

As Europe continues to dominate the list of summer getaways, we want to give Aussies the best chance possible to save on airfares and make their dollar work a lot more. We would recommend European-bound Australians to look at the shoulder seasons of May and September which still have great weather, as well as less expensive emerging cities to really maximise the value of their holiday.

Michael Grierson, continued

Browse the latest European early bird deals and lock in your next European holiday here at Skyscanner.