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Hotels in Honolulu

Thinking of Hawaii immediately conjures warm breezes, listing palm trees, golden shores, azure skies and crystalline waters, and you’ll discover that this beautiful archipelago will live up to your imagination.

Its capital, Honolulu, clusters around Mamala Bay, which in turn looks out onto the vast Pacific Ocean, but for all Hawaii’s natural majesty, Honolulu feels very homey, thanks to its friendly residents and its relaxed vibe. Staying in this city will afford you the chance to make the most of Hawaii’s contemporary culture and its outdoor attractions, including the most popular of these: its beaches.

Knowing where to stay in Honolulu will help to make the most of your trip out to Hawaii, and there are two main areas people flock to, downtown Honolulu and the popular Waikiki.  

Where to stay in Honolulu?


Whilst the larger district area of Honolulu is quite expansive, the downtown area is only really made up of a few blocks. If you stay in Honolulu proper, you’ll want to stay in the downtown/Chinatown area of the city. There are lots of restaurants, cafes and bars here due to this being the main financial heart of the city, and you will be able to find plenty of shopping options this way too.  


Easily the most popular area to stay when flying to Honolulu, Waikiki is very technically a suburb of the greater city, however this neighbourhood is really seen as a separate place altogether. This area is made for holidaymakers: you will find a staggering amount of shopping venues, a plethora of restaurants, a mix of good time bars, an excellent nightlife, live music venues, and lots of beaches to surf, sunbathe and relax on. 

There are 500 acres worth of beachfront property here in Waikiki, and if you choose a hotel right on the shoreline, expect the prices to match your view. However, if you are looking for something affordable in the area, it is recommended that you search away from seaside hotels, and look a little inland.

However, because Waikiki is so well stocked for visitors of all kinds, you won’t find your holiday any less appealing if you choose a more economical hotel. 

The Windward Coast

If you are determined to have a sea view, and aren’t on a large budget, then driving 30 minutes outside of Waikiki to the Windward Coast will see a drop in available dining and shopping amenities, but a rise in adorable B&Bs that will offer you a chance at a stunning lookout.

Transportation in Honolulu

The public transportation in Honolulu is pretty good, and fairly cheap, though it is advised that if you are staying longer than a day or two to rent a car. The gorgeous North Shore is an hour’s drive from Honolulu and one of the most beautiful places to see on Oahu, and having a vehicle will enable you to explore this coast, and Hawaii’s natural attractions far more easily.