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Dubai, the cosmopolitan and innovative city in the UAE lures business travellers, sun-seekers and city-dwellers to the shelter of its golden shores. It is an impressive metropolis, from its sharp and glittering skyline all the way to its long stretches of sand, luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and palatial shopping malls. However, despite its modern façade, Dubai has an old heart, and discovering that in turn with all the contemporary delights will have you being charmed by this city’s wonderful incongruities.

Where should you stay in Dubai?

Old Dubai

If you’d like to throw yourself into the fabled past of this part of the world, the place to stay is in Old Dubai, or Deira, as it is also known. Sitting along the banks of Dubai Creek, you can see colourful dhows (traditional boats) moored along the waterway, which you can hire to take you south for a local Emirati meal. You can embrace the hustle and bustle of gold and spice souks, of wander down to the Dubai Museum to gain an insight into the history of the city. The accommodation here is a mixture, but you’ll find mostly moderate hotels in this area, with a few very flashy options, such as the Hilton and the Sheraton.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is where you should stay if you want to be in the heart of the action. It is by far the flashiest neighbourhood in the city, not least because of the impressive Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the country resides here. Travelling adults and couples will love the excellent sky-topping restaurants, the interesting art installations and the shopping. Children too will find much to love in this part of the city, but the biggest attraction is without a doubt the awe-inspiring Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which makes for a perfect day out. Hotels here are expensive, but luxurious, so prepare your budget accordingly.


The beachside neighbourhood of Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s oldest, and it has the relaxed feel of a place that has really grown into itself. Great for families and couples, this part of Dubai has tons of cafes and restaurants and a good deal of retail outlets for those shopoholics. Culture comes in the way of the Jumeirah Mosque, which anyone can tour, and there is the lovely public beach where you can watch the sunset and enjoy the Emirati hospitality. Accommodation tends to run to resorts, many of which own a stretch of the coastline, perfect if you want to get a little sun, sea and sand.

The Marina

The Marina is a great option if you want access to the attractions of downtown, the vibrancy of the inner-city cafes, restaurants and shops, without an exorbitant price tag attached. There are lots of affordable and moderate hotels in the marina, that still incorporate that Dubai flash, and as an added bonus there are playgrounds dotted around the area, plus a few great walks that are a particular advantage if you are travelling with your family.

Transport in Dubai

The public transport in Dubai isn’t extensive, and usually the most popular way to get around the city is by taking a taxi which is actually pretty reasonable: a taxi from one end of Dubai to the other will cost around 80-100DHS ($30-38). Otherwise, many opt to hire a car, which you can do in advance using our car hire tool.