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Like no other, Sicily has proved to the world that its beauty simply transcends and mesmerises. The eternal meeting point of East and West – Africa and Europe – this multi-cultural island is one of Europe's finest, and arguably the most beautiful in Italy.

Found in the central Mediterranean, the island extends from the tip of the Apennine Peninsula, from which it is separated only by the narrow Strait of Messina, towards the North African coast. It became a part of Italy after the Italian Unification process, thereafter being an autonomous region upon the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946. The region's various landscapes make a dramatic first impression, as nature has endowed the island with almost all its wonders. Mountains, volcanoes, valleys, and of course, seas, create a maze of destinations for travellers; its food-loving population another aspect to enjoy. Moreover, its rich history and culture influenced by many continents has entranced tourists further, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, architecture, archaeology, and cuisine in the area.

Geographically, the island is divided into nine regions namely Palermo (regional capital), Argigento, Catania, Caltanissetta, Enna, Messina, Ragusa, Siracusa, and Trapani. The island also serves as the mother to other smaller islands, such as the Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria, and Ustica.

What to see & do

To fully enjoy Sicily, it is suggested that visitors tour the island by regions – as each division gives a different vibe and feel.

Enna – Enna is the heart of Sicily, a province embodying all the features of the island which makes it unique. Ruins from past eras, woods and lush forests, and of course, unbeatable cuisine are all present here, apart from the beautiful traditions of the people. The province is also known as the “Province of Lakes”, the only province in Sicily without access to sea, but is blessed with ponds and lakes.

Ragusa – Ragusa is known for its hospitable people and 'country-style' living. The province is primarily designed by its farmers – which contributed to its character, appearance, and cuisine, for years shaping the countryside through sowing and reaping and cultivation of harvests that keeps their pantries stocked. Picturesque Baroque-inspired villages and charming localities dot the province, with in-lands that are characterised by profound canyons, splendid coasts, and endless beaches of finest sands. If lucky, a gracious landlady may invite travellers to her home to serve delicacies and fill hearts and minds with stories and tales from this olden Mediterranean province.

Catania – This embattled and bustling province has definitely withstood nature's challenges, having experienced seismic activities in the past centuries. The locals have rebuilt the city a few years after the last volcanic activity, thereafter creating a lovely place where Baroque and Hellenistic influences collide. Start the journey from Piazza Duomo and visit the sites from there.

Messina – Serving as the main portal to Sicily, Messina has welcomed Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, and Swabians to the kaleidoscopic island through its doors. Local traditions are a marvel here, due to the fact that it narrates the history of the locals who have endured a rather battered past. Ancient flavours have also transcended time, and until now, gastronomy here is uniquely Sicilian. Visit the Messina Province, the Statue of Saint John the Baptist, the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, and Taormina, a coast full of small bays and is fondly called the “Lady” of the Ionic Coast.

Palermo – The capital of Sicily, Palermo shines as the command centre of Sicily, and has become the second stop upon entering the island. Deep blues and aquamarines create its wonderful coasts, while its history seen in the ruins of Solunto and the archaeological area of Monte Jato provide an educational experience. Art treasures can also be enjoyed from Monreale to the city centre of Palermo, and historical villas punctuate the Bagheria area. Visit the Church of San Domenico, the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the town of Bagheria where the Villa Valguarnera and the Villa Palagonia, San Cipirello, and Ustica are found.

Trapani – Trapani juts out into the sea from Sicily's west, between the Tyrrhenian sea and the Canal of Sicily. The enchanting land is composed of marvellous coasts that alternate with steep cliffs and endless beaches, apart from being archaeologically gifted and cultured.

Syracuse – Informally called Sicily's Wonderland, echoes of ancient civilisation and Baroque architecture shows in this coastal city, which narrates its history and its brilliance. A journey to this corner of Sicily awakens profound sensations, as if one crosses the threshold of time into thousands of years ago. Visit the Park of Neapolis, Pantallica necropolis, Noto and Palazollo arcade; and sample the cuisine.

Agrigento – Agrigento is the ideal place for those in search of culture, history, and art in an environment of total relaxation and of course, the warm Italian sun. Long sandy beaches adorned by Mediterranean Maquis, as well as its millenary history, create the best mix of Sicily's many faces, and the typical food and local specialities are riches that have been brought by centuries of practise.

Caltanissetta – History, folklore, and gastronomy blend together perfectly in Caltanissetta, a splendid province in the heart of Sicily. Sowed deep in history are the cities roots, and various landscapes have typically made the province a virtual wonder.

How to get around within Sicily

Driving in Sicily is easy breezy due to the fact that the island is blessed with built and expanded motorways. Tramways and railways are also developed here, and ports are scattered on the coasts in case travellers want to go cruising or even island hopping. Taxis are also available in the island, just tell the driver to take you to your destination and pay the appropriate fee based on the meter.

How to get there

A limited number of airlines fly directly to Sicily's airports, and most of the trips require transfers from mainland Italian cities such as Rome or Milan. To keep the trip hassle-free, it is best to fly down first to Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport, then transfer to a flight going to Sicily.

Flights to Sicily

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