Cheap Flights to Mulatupo

There is a charm in being in a faraway place that is not easily searched in a map. Panama offers such a destination in the form of Mulatupo, located on the coast near the northern border with Colombia. Going here, however, is possible via Mulatupo Airport, which can be traced about a mile offshore from the town. It serves as a small domestic port of entry in this area in the Guna Yula Province, making it relatively convenient for those visiting here.

From here, tourists can venture to see other islands in the San Blas Archipelago for a laidback vacation beside the beach. This can be an idyllic experience, especially for those looking for restful holidays in beautifully untouched surroundings. Apart from that, the various numbers of opportunities to enjoy nature can call out to those who want to explore this part of Central America.

What to see & do

Located on the eastern part of the country in the Archipelago de San Blas, tourists going to Mulatupo will find a village with a number of native Guna inhabitants. Their houses are made from wood with thatched roofs, allowing tourists to glimpse a simple, back-to-basics life. Although not as famous as other tourist destinations, those going to this place can interact with the people in the area and find out more about them. One will live simply in Mulatupo, as there are no restaurants or hotels here, as of the time of writing. Some of the natives allow guests to eat and stay with them for a fee. One should not expect Internet, though, as the payphone is the only form of communication in the area.

Those in the area can enjoy different ways to eat seafood, which is the main type of food available. Various types of crafts can also be found here, making it fun to support the local industry. Those who want to explore the area, on the other hand, can visit the nearby Caribbean islands and spend a day in one. White sand and clear waters await here, making it fun for those who want the deserted beach experience.

When visiting other islands, one can set forth for Nalunega, which translates to 'Red Snapper Island.' Fishing is the main activity for the townspeople here. Those who want to stay in the island, however, will find that the place is home to Comarca's oldest hotel. The latest news, however, is that the 1972 Hotel San Blas has temporarily closed, but it has plans to reopen again. This makes it necessary, however, for tourists to prepare other accommodation, just in case.

The Kuanidup Grande, just 30 minutes away from Rio Sidra, can also be part of itinerary. Tourists venturing to this part of Panama will find a few number of wild species, such as iguanas and a few flocks of birds. The natural views are very impressive, with the manicured grounds, pristine beaches with powdery white sand, and palm trees that can evoke a simple beach paradise.

How to get around

Not much information can be found about the local transportation in the area, but one can probably arrange for transport with the help of the natives living in the area. Boating is most likely the most useful way to get around each island. Water taxis might be available in some areas, but not all, as it can be hard to reach isles far away from the coast. Travellers looking to visit further parts of the country from the island can think of boarding domestic flights, which are relatively easier.

How to get there

Tourists visiting this part of the country can reach the area through Mulatupo Airport. It is served by Air Panama, which flies commercial planes from Albrook 'Marcos A. Gelabert' International Airport.

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