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One might think that potatoes and gems do not go together, but this belief is proven false when Idaho comes into the picture. Known as the 'Gem State', Idaho brings in various 72 precious gem stones such as garnets, jade, agate, opal, and diamonds. It is also rich in molybdenum, platinum, and thorium, as well as industrial materials such as stone, cement, gypsum, and clay. Sand and gravel are also here in huge quantities. All these make a booming industrial sector for Idaho, not including its potatoes, which were the state's first cash crop. It sustained the pioneers who first developed the land for farming. This became one of the state's legacies, until Idaho became famous for its well-grown tubers.

When tracing its history, archaeological evidence states that Native American Indians first lived in the region. The settlers, however, displaced the tribes who lived here and established their houses as they claimed Idaho as their own. Fur trading along the Snake River was the first industry here, which was financed by John Jacob Astor. Idaho was only officially recognised as a state when the United States and Great Britain agreed to put the area under the control of the Provisional Government of Oregon. The demarcations of the territory were finalised in 1859, with recognition of statehood bestowed in 1890.

What to see & do

Idaho is a hidden beauty with scenic views and a slew of various fun activities. Travellers seeing it for the first time will often wonder why others overlook it for the charms of Seattle and Montana. Sawtooth National Forest, for instance, is one of the sought-after sites due to its wide range of recreational activities. One can hike around the various bodies of water and fish for salmon, native trout, and steelhead. There are also more than 1,500 heritage sites here, providing various opportunities to look around archaeological relics.

Another natural attraction to see in the Potato State is the Roosevelt Grove, a virgin cedar forest in the north countryside. One will be amazed with the sheer size of the trees which measure at an average of 4-12 ft in diameter and 150 ft tall. The scenic area makes a great view when camping there, while others can take the nearby trail to the Granite Falls. From there, travellers can rent bicycles and traverse the bike trails even as a beginner. The trails go around Trail Creek & Howard Mountain Area, Kinport Mountain, Valve House, and other exciting areas.

Arts and culture is also another major attraction for travellers. One can visit the Willard Arts Centre to find exhibits from artists in the region and other parts of the country. Works from international artists can also be seen here, which provide a full-rounded experience for those who want to learn about the contemporary art scene. There is also a wildlife gallery featuring unique antler design in Biggins, where tourists can stop by and look at furniture, sculptures, and other carvings made from moose, deer, and elk antlers. There are also artists who show how they work, which can be interesting for those who want to find out how to handle wood. Jewellery, rawhide vessels, picture frames, and other creations are also available here.

How to get around Idaho

There are various ways for travellers to get around the state. Idaho has a comprehensive range of transportation options. Four operators – Greyhound Bus Service, Sun Valley Express, Northwestern Stage Lines, and Salt Lake Express – run the bus services in the state. There are also train operations run by Amtrak on the north of the state.

Information services are also provided for travellers at any of the visitor centres in Idaho. There is a 511 online service for those who want to learn more about road conditions and other pertinent details for tourists. These will be useful for travellers, especially those planning to drive around the state.

How to get there

Travellers going to Idaho will probably land on Boise Airport. Airlines serving here are Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, United Express, and US Airways. These have connecting flights available for those coming from outside the country, which makes international travel more manageable.

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