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Closed off from the rest of Europe, Belarus makes a curious destination for travellers veering away from the crowds in popular European capitals. Those visiting the area will find the place intriguing, due to its relaxing isolation in the midst of a beautiful countryside. Many lakes and rivers lie in the midst of ancient forests, which nurture a thriving wildlife such as the storks flying in the sky to the native majestic bisons on land.


Traditional village lifestyle also reigns in the provinces where one can find various ethnographic open-air museums and old structures harking back to various events in Belarusian history. This can be relaxing for travellers out to enjoy the isolation of Belarus, which is more Russian than European due to its close relations with its bigger neighbour.


What to see & do

Going out into the provinces of Belarus enables tourists to take it easy as they go through the verdant lands. The southern part of the country is particularly stunning due to the pastoral setting where there are fields of flowers and flat, green plains. Those venturing here can visit Belovezhskaya Pushca National Park, where one can find more than 900 plants as well as 250 types of birds and animals. Rare species can also be found here, such as the European bison, tarpan European wild horse, greater spotted eagle, and long-tailed tawny owl. All these made the park an ecotourism hotspot, as recognised by UNESCO when it bestowed a World Heritage site status in 1992.


The national park by the Pripyatsky River is also a destination to add to the list due to the diverse environment. Swamps, woodlands, and the Pripyat Valley all make a great place to explore. Various animals also live here, from 51 species of mammals to more than 250 types of birds. Those going to the forest will find a multitude of trees such as birch, alder, ash, horn beech, and quaking asps. A nature museum is also located here, which allows visitors to view a herbarium of rare Belarusian plants and rich collections of well-preserved wildlife.


Green spaces are not the only attraction in Belarus, as the country also features a variety of cultural sites to see such as Lida Castle. Although built in the early 14th century to defend the territory of Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania, visitors going here now will see here knights' tournaments in summer and then enjoy a bit of ice skating during winter. Another old structure to see is the Kamenets Tower, which functioned as a defensive structure in the second half of the 13th century. Its appearance can be likened to a chess rook, from its cylindrical form to crenelated top.


From here, tourists can continue on to Minsk and go on a tour of the main attractions. One will find here the Belarusian State Art Museum, which features local art from the 1940s to the 1970s. The highlights here include Valentin Volkov's socialist realist works. More artistic pieces from several other masters such as Nikolai Ge an Ilya Repin can also be found here.


Travellers who want to see other popular landmarks can venture to Praspekt Francyska Skaryny, the main thoroughfare. The wide and utilitarian buildings of the State Government and State University are located here, as well as the KGB building overlooking the Independence Square. Tourists can also visit here the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which depicts Nazi atrocities against the Jews. Those looking for colour will find it in the red-brick Catholic Church of St Simon and Elena, which was built during 1905 to 1910.


How to get around

Those going around Belarus can relatively find their way around due to the extensive modes of transport. Buses make the most reliable type, which go over to most areas of the country. Normal bus services are also supplemented by marshrutkas or shared minibuses, making it convenient to travel. Those looking for a more scenic route around can take the train, although its reach across the country is rather limited. Those who prefer to drive, however, can rent cars in Minsk. Bicycles are also available, which one can ride easily enough due to the well-maintained roads of the city.


How to get there

Travellers interested in going to Belarus can schedule connecting flights to Minsk National Airport. Airlines serving here include Aeroflot, airBaltic, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Belavia, Etihad Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Transaero Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, UTair Aviation, Uzbekistan Airways, and Vueling.

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