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Arizona, located on the southwestern region of the United States, is well known for its arid climate. The hot climate, however, does not detract from the beauty of its landscape, which gave the place its nickname as the Grand Canyon State. This serves to attract tourists not just from the rest of the United States, but also from other parts of the world.

The first people who lived in the state were Native American tribes such as the Hohokam and Mogollon. Many of them converted to Christianity due to the influence of Spanish missionaries. The land they lived in was once part of the original land demarcations of Mexico, though. This put Arizona in Mexican territory when the Central American country received its independence from Spain in 1821.

The United States wrestled for this territory in the Mexican-American War and officially owned the land in 1853 in the Gadsden Purchase. In 1861, Arizona seceded and joined the Confederate states on the onset of the War between the States. It only joined the Union again in 1912, making it the 48th state of the country.

What to see & do

Backpackers who delight in nature and road trips will find their bliss in Arizona. The spots here are breathtaking, especially when one takes in the view of the Grand Canyon. It is Arizona's most distinctive attraction and stretches about 277 miles with its majestic size. The rocky steep cliffs plunge more than 1.5 kilometres, with the Colorado flowing swiftly down below. Tourists appreciating the sight should see the sun rise or set by the horizon to fully appreciate the wonder of the scenery.

Another great view awaits by the Sedona trails where the Cathedral Rock can be found. A towering formation of red rock, this natural wonder poses a challenging climb for hikers around the area. Many tourists swear by it, as the whole walk can be a workout in itself with the stunning panorama as the reward. From there, one can go by the Monument Valley near the northern border of the state and the Navajo reservations. The reddish soil and the desert plants make a fascinating backdrop, with natural sandstone formations standing majestically atop a small plateau. These landmarks are so fascinating that they look like buildings carved out of rock.

Interaction with the Native American tribes is also another activity to be ventured into in Arizona. There are 22 federally recognised tribes and communities in the state, but each of them places a limit on the tourism opportunities on their lands. To visit, travellers must get in contact with the tribes to determine if they welcome visitors within a specific time frame. The Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Tribe, however, provide a wide range of tourism experiences that can help one learn more about this unique and fascinating culture.

How to get around within Arizona

Travellers will find a variety of transportation options in Arizona. The railway, for instance, offers long-distance trip options with the Amtrak operating the Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited, and Texas Eagle. Phoenix and the surrounding areas are served by METRO with connecting trips to Tempe and Mesa. Buses are also available with Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas served by Greyhound Lines.

Being a place known for scenic countryside, tourists in Arizona will enjoy their commute better with a car. An international driver's licence and other relevant documents might be necessary to get a permit, though. Taxis, on the other hand, are suitable for short-distance trips only; those who prefer to take taxis will find them in the cities.

How to get there

Travellers going to Arizona will most likely land on Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Airlines serving here are primarily domestic, with only a small number of international carriers. Some of these are: Air Canada Rouge, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, United Express, US Airways, Volaris, and WestJet.

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