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Ardabil Airport is the public airport serving the city of Ardabil in north-western Iran. Residing at an elevation of 4,315 feet or 1,315 metres above mean sea level, the airport can be found on the map with the coordinates 38°19′32″N, 048°25′27″E (38.323826 latitude, 48.42125 longitude). It operates with a concrete/asphalt-surfaced runway designated 15/33 (with a cross runway number 07/25) measuring 10,823 feet or 3,299 metres long.

Ardabil is a historical city located in north-western Iran, and is the centre of the Ardabil Province. The name of the city comes from the Zoroastrian name of “Artawila” meaning “a holy place.” It is situated 70 kilometres or 43 miles from the Caspian Sea, boasting of fantastic natural sceneries and numerous wonders.

What to see & do

Ardabil is known for its silk and carpet trade tradition, with the ancient Ardabil Carpets as among the best of the classical Persian carpet creations. The city is also notable for being the home of the sanctuary and tomb of Sheikh Safi ad-Din (eponym of the Safavid Dynasty), a World Heritage Site. The complex comprises of the mausoleums of Sheikh Safi and Shah Ismail I, Chini Khaneh (house of chinaware), a mosque, Jannat Sara (house of paradise), Khanaqah (house of Dervishes), Cheragh Khaneh (house of lamps), Shahid Khaneh (house of martyrs), and Chelleh Khaneh (where devotees stay in retreat during the 40 days of Lent). When in Ardabil, also take note of the Ardabil Bazaar which is in the heart of the city. Built during Safavid period, the bazaar is as old as the Islamic period, with a shape described as a cross, extending in four directions with simply designed domes. It includes a main bazaar hall with open vaults, a hammam, and a small mosque. There is also the Mirza Ali Akbar mosque and school complex in Ardabil, which date back to Qajar period. The bridges in the city are also worth noting; these historical bridges including Pol-e Gilandeh, Pol-e Nayer, Pol-e Haft Cheshmeh, Pol-e Panj Chesmeh, Pol-e She Cheshmeh, and Qarah Soo Bridge were built during Safavid period. Among the main attractions in Ardabil also include the Saint Mary church, an Armenian orthodox church with a beautiful wooden main door and a painted dome. There are also many picturesque villages, relics of ancient monuments, and tombs that can be found in the city. Among its natural wonders, on the other hand, includes Lake Shorabil, Baliqly Chay River, and Sabalan mountain.

How to get around within Ardabil

The city of Ardabil in Iran is served by taxis which can be taken from anywhere, and also goes anywhere within the city. Most cities in Iran also operate local bus services, which are segregated, with men seated in the front and women and children seated at the back. Shared local taxis, or Savari, are also available.

How to get there

Ardabil Airport in Ardabil, Iran is served by Ata Airlines, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Mahan Air, and Qessm Airlines. The airport receives flights from domestic and international destinations including Tehran, Jeddah, Mashhad, Medina, Baghdad, and Najaf.

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