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Situated by the northwest of the Atlantic Ocean, close to Canada, St. Pierre and Miquelon, or Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, is a small group of islands, southern of Newfoundland and Labrador. As a self-governing territory and the last fragment left by the old colonial empire, New France, St. Pierre and Miquelon still functions under French control. The territorial islands are by Fortune Bay, extending south the coast of Newfoundland, by the Grand Banks, with its population at an estimated 6,000 Saint-Pierrais Miquelonnais.
When in St. Pierre and Miquelon, temperatures are at an average high of 8.08 degrees Celsius or 46.55 degrees Fahrenheit, average low of 3.15 degrees Celsius or 37.68 degrees Fahrenheit, with a daily mean of 5.3 degrees Celsius or 41.5 degrees Fahrenheit, in a year. To be understood within the territories, French is the language of choice. The French language spoken in St. Pierre and Miquelon can be considered similar to metropolitan French rather than to Canadian French, with Basque as a former language spoken in private setting by people of Basque ancestry, in the last 1950s.
Where to go
Within the country’s territory are eight islands, two of which are inhabited. St. Pierre and Miquelon’s most populous island, Saint Pierre Island, is also the commercial and administrative centre of the archipelago. The largest island of St. Pierre and Miquelon is Miquelon-Langlade, which is composed of Miquelon and Langlade. Additionally, the territories had a third formerly inhabited island, the Isle-aux-Marins, or Île-aux-Chiens, which has been uninhabited since 1963, and is located a short distance from the port of Saint Pierre.
Activities within the territory include visiting cultural and heritage sites, guided island tours, in addition to nature escapes, and events. Among the primary destinations within St. Pierre and Miquelon are the Arche Museum and Archives, Héritage Museum, Museum Archipelitude, the Museum of Miquelon, Cultural and Sports Center, Francoforum, along with tours such as Encore une Autre Dans L’sel, Ile aux Marins, Prohibition Tour, Minivan Tour, and Sailboat Tour, among others.
Saint-Pierre Airport, the regional airport that serves St. Pierre and Miquelon only has flights via Air Saint-Pierre. The airline only operates short haul flights to Halifax, Nova Scotia; Miquelon, Miquelon and Langlade; Montréal, Canada; St. John’s, Canada; along with seasonal flights to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador via Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Miquelon Airport, Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Sydney/J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport, and Stephenville International Airport. These flights may take less than an hour to around two hours and a couple of minutes, all depending on your flight schedule and destination.
The airport that serves St. Pierre and Miquelon, Saint-Pierre Airport, does not operate long haul flights.
How to get out
The territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon has the Saint-Pierre Airport. The airport operates flights to and from destinations such as Halifax, Miquelon, Montreal, St. Johns, in addition to seasonal flights and seasonal charter flights to Sydney and Stephenville. These flights are via the Air Saint-Pierre airline.

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