Cheap flights from Northern Mariana Islands

The Pacific, which rivals the Atlantic at the variety of island destinations, is an exciting area to explore. One of the places to see is the Northern Mariana Islands, which lies northeast of Guam can be a fascinating destination to visit. It is one of the five inhabited U.S. territories and a prominent base during World War II, which makes the archipelago one of the most historic parts of the region. 

When visiting Northern Mariana, tourists will be pleased to check out different parts of the islands, which have their own range of attractions that make a multi-faceted identity for the archipelago. The bustling capital and its amenities, as well as the more tranquil alternatives in the outlying isles, make Northern Mariana Islands a top place to see in the Eastern hemisphere. 


Where to go

Although the buzz of Saipan can be stifling for an island destination, the rest of Northern Mariana is as peaceful as it can get. Tinian, even with its casino, makes a major difference with its bucolic scenery composed of secluded beaches, ancient latte stones, and ranch land grazed by various livestock. One will also see here the Old San Bell Tower, which looks beautiful in spite of the crumbling architecture. Its weathered appearance adds a quaint feel of time catching up, making it a popular subject for photographs in the islands. From here, tourists should not miss the old base dating back to World War II. The Americans used it as a take-off site for the B-29s that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Rota, a paradise of calm, is a hideaway for tourists who want to escape from crowds in Saipan. Those going here can enjoy a wide variety of pristine beaches and lead a laidback pace during their vacation. The natural environment, however, also offers hiking opportunities which can delight those looking for rigorous outdoor activities. 


Generally an hour away from Northern Mariana, Guam makes another edifying destination due to its roots as

an American territory. Those going here will find a cheerful show of loyalty to the United States, with flags flapping in the residences of various locals. Those going here will find Tumon Bay, the centre of nightlife, shopping, and other activities. 

Tourists who like to see the natural environment of this island country can go elsewhere such as the Ritidian Point, the northernmost tip of Guam. One will find there a national wildlife refuge and one of the island's pristine beaches. The Two Lovers' Point is also a major attraction here, a coastal lookout featuring great views on top of a limestone cliff. There is also the Government House to see, an architectural landmark. Those going here will need reservations to visit a small museum featuring Chamorro antiquities and other displays.


The U.S. Virgin Islands is another archipelago not to miss. More than a day's trip from Northern Mariana, these islands in the Caribbean feature a number of excellent attractions, such as St John. A protected national park, the area is a quieter alternative to other livelier parts of Virgin Islands. Resorts are few here, making it easier to arrange informal tours of the countryside as well as the underwater part of the coasts. Those who want to hike can go over to St Croix. The mountains and a rainforest can be found here had been so fascinating that it has been called the 'Garden of the Antilles.' Scuba diving, rum making, and a number of 18th-century forts are also located here.

After spending some time here, tourists can learn more about the history of the Virgin Islands via Christiansted. It is composed of several structures such as the Fort Christiansvaern, a military structure that protected the villages from pirate attacks and slave revolts. Another building within the complex is the Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse, which was built in the neoclassical design. 


How to get out

Travellers going to see other parts of the world can schedule connecting flights from Saipan International Airport. Airlines serving here include Aeroflot, Asiana Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lnes, Dynamic Airways, Jeju Air, Sichuan Airlines, United Express, and Yakutia Airlines. 

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