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No country is as mysterious as North Korea. Its limited interaction with the international community is rife with overblown propaganda and collective misconceptions that add to the intrigue. Such is the mystique of this country that those thinking to travel here are quite curious at what they would find. Going here is not for everyone, however, as the guides assigned can be strict and watchful of every word and movement. 


Despite its moniker as the 'Hermit Kingdom', North Korea connects to various countries that support its economy. One will see here various equipment sent over by Russia, China, and other partners. Tourists will also find that it is quite possible and even convenient to visit here, as the details are prepared beforehand. The order can be unsettling, but a visit is often a coveted glimpse of this highly secretive country in the eastern hemisphere. One cannot help but be intrigued with the life on the ground for the people living here. 


Where to go

Pyongyang may be the focus city of a trip here, but there are other options waiting for tourists. One can turn to Wonsan, a port city on the East Sea. Other travellers rarely go here, but this city makes an interesting stop where one can view the portside, and some of the universities in the area. The place also has a resort popular among the locals, who also venture to lakesides of Sijung and Tongjong. Tourists can then stay at a hotel on the waterfront where they can enjoy a view of the beaches. Those going out will also be greeted with the sight of verdant mountains. Those who want to swim can do so in an area reserved for foreigners, but one can interact with some locals on the pier.


Chongjin, although rarely offered as part of a tour, is worth going into. It is a huge industrial centre with poor facilities far away from the spotless and rigid look of Pyongyang. Foreigners are rarely seen here, which gets some curiosity from the public. The guides can be more stern, however, especially when taking pictures of the place. The itinerary can be interesting, though, as one can venture here to pay respects to the Kim Il-sung Statue on the main square, as well as check out the Revolutionary Museum which features stories about the bravery of the locals.


China, despite its proximity to North Korea, can seem a world apart from each other. Those going from Pyongyang to Shanghai, for instance, can have a surreal experience due to the comparatively greater freedom of the Chinese as they go about their daily routine. Checking out the city sights can also be interesting, from the Jade Buddha Temple where one will see a transcendent Buddha carved from pure jade. After paying respects to Buddha, tourists can check out the Shanghai Museum with its collection of ancient bronzes, sculptures, ceramics, and other artefacts. Qibao is also a delight here, where one can find traditional architecture dating

back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its small and busy alleys turn to various other sites such as the Cotton Textile Mill and the Shadow Puppet Museum. 


Russia, the main locale of communism, is another place to consider seeing after North Korea. In terms of grandeur, Russia vastly overtakes North Korea especially when one sees grand landmarks such as the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow, which was found in 1524. One will find here the white Smolensk Cathedral with an ornate, frescoed interior.


The Maye Karely Wooden Architecture Museum can also be found in the province of Maye Karely, with dozens of 16th- to 19th-century wooden buildings such as the Miracle Workers' Chapel and the St George's Church. Kunstkamera is another addition to the itinerary when in St Petersburg, which displays the Museum of Ethnology and Anthropology where one can find various types of ghoulish specimens, as well as interesting exhibits on native peoples around the world. 


How to get out

Those going to see other parts of the world can schedule connecting flights via Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. Airlines serving here include Air China, Air Koryo, and MIAT Mongolian Airlines which connect to other destinations beyond the region.

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