Cheap flights from Western Sahara

For those who have not been to a desert before, a sandy environment, beach, solitude, and interaction with another culture can be an eye-opening experience. This captures the feeling of one going to Western Sahara. A memorable trip can be worth the trek to this African country, even with the hot and dry weather. Perfect for travellers looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations, this country can make one marvel at its bare and simplistic beauty.

All is not currently well with the country, however. Morocco, its neighbour to the north, disputes the territorial borders of this land, which makes the situation tense in the north-western coast of Africa. Due to the shaky situation of the country, travellers going to Western Sahara need to confirm their travel arrangements with their embassy. This will inform whether it is safe to go at this time or if it would be better to postpone the trip.

Where to go

Western Sahara's desert beauty calls to people attracted to the powdery and sometimes grainy feel of the yellow sand. The sight makes one think of gold in its different shades from whitish yellow to golden. The country, however, is not all sand. There are also buildings and structures to be seen in the country, especially in Laayoune, its largest city.

Dakhla, once known as Villa Cisneros due to its Spanish colonial past, also offers fine sights for tourists. One can go around the churches and military fortresses built by the Spanish. An old Spanish lighthouse on a cape can also be found here. Fishing is one of the sources of livelihood here, which allows one to enjoy dishes made from fresh catch. Surfing is also a popular activity, which one can enjoy for a thrilling ride with the waves.

Another destination to take note of is Tarfaya, a few hours' drive from Laayoune. Its claim to fame involves Antoine de Saint-Exupery (author of The Little Prince) who once visited here in 1929. A tribute to the writer, a small statue of an airplane, can be found in the beach. Apart from commemorating the author of the beloved French novella, travellers can visit the Castle Dar Mar, one of the representative buildings of the city.

One of the most fascinating countries in Africa, Morocco is a possible option for travellers who want to explore the region. Although near Spain, this country seems a world apart due to the deep traditional Islamic ways and landmarks. Fez, one of the popular cities, retains its distinct Muslim identity despite years of colonial rule by the French and Spanish. For those looking for cosmopolitan views, Rabat and Casablanca are the places to be. Many architectural pieces can be found here such as the Hassan II Mosque and Casablanca Twin Centre.

For long-haul travels, one can go from Western Sahara to New Zealand with connecting flights. The sights of this country are well worth the length of the trip due to the breathtaking landscapes and the environmentally-friendly urban layout. The national parks of this country are also a marvel due to the richness of flora and fauna. The beaches also make a relaxing sight, which invites tourists to just take in the view with a glass of smoothie or freshly-squeezed juice.

How to get out

Travellers leaving Western Sahara will most likely take off from Hassan I Airport. Airlines serving here are Binter Canarias, CanaryFly, and Royal Air Maroc. Those who need to go to father locations will have to book connecting flights with the nearest major ports of entry.

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