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Relatively more peaceful than its neighbours, travellers going to Djibouti are in for a treat with the view of unusual landscapes. Nature trips are particularly popular here, as one can find here salt lakes, inactive volcanoes, limestone mountains, and many other land features. Outdoor fun also offers various opportunities from hiking and diving to kitesurfing. A glimpse of the culture of the nomadic tribes of Djibouti can also be experienced as one tours various parts of the country. This lets one interact with various natives and learn from their ways.
Djibouti's location in the Horn of Africa makes it a strategic position for shipping, refuelling, and transportation. Some of the world's busiest shipping lanes are near the country which allows Djibouti some control over the access to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. This is one reason why Ethiopia coordinates with Djibouti for their imports and exports. Maritime industries therefore flourished, contributing more income to the country.
Where to go
The popularity of ecotourism in Djibouti allows travellers to experience a wide range of landscapes. There is Goubet al Kharab which lies on the tip of the Gulf of Tadjoura. One will find here the Devil's Island that has a fearsome reputation among the natives. Travellers will find an impressive dome that sprung up due to the tectonic movements that also formed the Lake Assal. Those who would like to see unusual topography can venture to the Lake Abbe. Steaming water sources surrounded the low limestone mountains generating a sulphuric smell that can make travellers feel like they have stepped in another world.
Lake Assal is another well-known destination in Djibouti. It features clear waters that deepen to dark green with black lava volcanoes in the background. Those who want to hike can venture to the Day Forest dominated by palm trees, juniper, wild olive, acacias, jujube, fig trees and other perennials. From here, there is the Mablas to see where one can drive across the rough terrain or climb up the mountain with other climbing enthusiasts.
Two hours of travel time is usually spent between Djibouti and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. A major pilgrimage and trading hub, Jeddah features a variety of activities for travellers. It is not as conservative as other cities in Saudi Arabia, which allows travellers a degree of liberty from the restrictive rules of Riyadh, for instance.
Those going here will see the Khuzam Palace, the first building to be built using cement and iron in Jeddah, which also functions as a museum. From here, one can visit Tahaliyah Street where dining and shopping establishments are abundant. The Bedouin Souk is also an attraction here, where visitors can browse the goods and shop for various products.
Travellers going to North Asia can stop by in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Travellers going here can visit the Barak-khan Madrassah built between 1500 and 1606 which displays magnificent architecture. The colourful walls feature decorative panels where maxims about the greatness of Allah can be read. Another famous destination here is the Hazrati Imam Complex, a sacred landmark that features the tomb of Imam al-Qaffal ash-Shashi. One can then follow up a visit to the Kukeldash Madrassah, a beautiful example of Islamic architecture which was renovated to provide offices for various institutions.
How to get out
Those leaving Djibouti for other destinations can leave via Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport. Airlines serving here are Air France, Daallo Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Felix Airways, flydubai, Jubba Airways, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Yemenia.

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