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The Territory of Christmas Island, simply Christmas Island, is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. It is located south of Indonesia and some distance northwest of Australia and covers a total area of 135 square kilometres or 52 square miles. The territory rises to a central plateau of stands of rainforest. It has an 80-kilometre coastline that is almost a continuous sea cliff up to 20 metres high. Its capital and largest city is Flying Fish Cove, also known as Kampong (“The Settlement”), where some of its 2,072 residents live. Other inhabited areas are Silver City, Poon Saan, and Drumsite. Its de facto language is English. Christmas Island’s economy thrived on phosphate mining before, and now derives its income from the $34 million Christmas Island Casino and Resort. It experiences little variation in temperature, as it is located toward the southern edge of the equatorial region, with both dry and wet season, occasional monsoons and tropical cyclones as well.

Where to go

The Territory of Christmas Island is not only home to a rich culture due to the many different ethnicities that inhabit it, including Chinese, Europeans, and Malays. Not to mention, the diverse religious beliefs that are practised by its residents, which result to many religious festivals, such as Spring Festival, Hari Raya, Christmas, and Easter. However, its biological diversity is arguably its best feature and what it’s best known for. It is home to several rare species of animals and plants, which make nature-walking a popular activity. There’s also plenty of caves here (42, to be exact) that are of different kinds, like plateau caves, coastal caves, raised coastal caves and alcoves, sea caves, fissure caves, collapse caves and basalt caves, most of which are near the sea and plateau caves, coastal caves, raised coastal caves and alcoves, sea caves, fissure caves, collapse caves, and basalt caves. In addition, there’s also several freshwater springs like Hosnies Spring Ramsar (it has a mangrove stand); The Dales, a rainforest in the western part of Christmas Island and is comprised of seven deep alleys that are all formed by spring streams; and the popular Hugh's Dale waterfall.

About four hours from Christmas Island Airport is Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia. This laidback, quiet, and generally safe city is best visited in spring, after winter's rainfall, when wildflowers around Kings Park and the Avon Valley bloom magnificently. One can check out parks, zoos (and see kangaroos as you stroll along visitors' paths), and may even catch a good game of football. Of course, a trip to Perth will not be complete without visiting its beaches and check out its lively indie music scene.

Christmas Island Airport does not serve long haul flights overseas. One may opt to connect to larger, major airports in Perth instead to reach farther destinations.

How to get out

Christmas Island Airport serves the territory. It is owned by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and operated by Toll Remote Logistics and is classified as a Category 4 international airport for all arrivals, including those from Australia. The only airline that operates here is Virgin Australia, which flies to Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Perth.

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