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Bouvet Island is a subantarctic volcanic island and dependency of Norway, although it remains uninhabited. It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, in the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Bouvet Island is recognised as the most remote island in the world; it lies some 2,200km away south-southwest of the coast of South Africa, and 1,700km north of Antarctica's Princess Astrid Coast in Queen Maud Land.

The 58.5km2 volcanic island was first discovered by French sailor and Mascarene Islands governor, Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier, on January 1, 1739. The coordinates he recorded were inaccurate, and the island was only spotted again in 1808 by British whaler captain James Lindsay, who named it Lindsay Island. It was renamed to Liverpool Island in 1825, upon being claimed for the British Crown by George Norris. In 1927, the first Norvegia expedition financed by Norwegian shipowner and whaling merchant named Lars Christensen came to the island and claimed it for Norway. The island was named Bouvetøya, which stood for 'Bouvet Island' in Norwegian.

Bouvet Island was declared a Norwegian dependency in 1930 and a nature reserve in 1971.

Where to go

The whole of Bouvet Island is declared a nature reserve. However, it is uninhabitable and does not have any accommodations or commercial attractions.

As the most remote island in the world, Bouvet Island is uninhabited and therefore has no airport facilities or harbours that offer a way out of the island.

Bouvet Island does not have any aircraft landing area; neither does it have any area that is usable as a harbour. As such, there are no departure flights or cruise ships from Bouvet Island to anywhere else; one must only leave the way they came in.

How to get out

As previously stated, anyone who finds themselves in Bouvet Island (which is highly unlikely, considering its status as the most remote island in the world) would have to get out the same way they arrived.

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