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Officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, the small island country of Bahrin can be found near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. It is connected to Saudi Arabia in the west, to Iran in the North, and to the peninsula of Qatar in the southeast portion. It is home to more than 1.2 million people to which more than half are non-nationals. The country's capital, Manama, is home to many large financial structures and popular grand prix events. Bahrain has a high Human Development Index and was recognised by the World Bank as a high income economy.

Where to go

Bahrain is known for its very active nightlife but it never falls short of beautiful places to visit. Known most for its prolific capital of Manama, Bahrain has more tourist spots to offer which includes the Muharraq island, home to old houses, a fort, and a shore full of moored dhows and lobster pots; the town A’Ali for the extraordinary burial mounds that can be found there; the desert of Al-Areen which has been transformed into a tourist attraction where you can find a wildlife reserve, a resort, spa, and a water park; and the Qal’at al-Bahrain or better known as Bahrain fort, a 16th century structure built by the Portuguese and is known to represent seven layers of history in the country. Most of the time, there are no direct means of public transportation to these attractions and tourists will have to walk by foot to reach them from certain drop-off points.

Since Bahrain is located between neighbouring Asian countries, there are plenty of options for travellers who wish to take short haul flights. Gulf Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines have direct flights that last just a little over an hour to Saudi Arabia where magnificent architecture buildings can be found. A visit to Riyadh is recommended and tourists are expected to alight at the King Khalid International Airport from Bahrain. Riyadh is home to the famous Al-Faisaliah Tower, a 44-floor structure that contains a five-star deluxe hotel, restaurants, offices, the Sky shopping mall, and a fabulous viewing platform. Another option is a trip to Iran via Gulf Air and Iran Air. It takes a little over an hour to get there via plane and enjoy the historic sites that it has to offer such as the Persepolis, the embodiment of the ancient Persian civilization and all of its majesty. As of this writing, travel to Iran is not advised, though, unless it is of utmost importance.

If you wish to take a tour out of Asia for a long haul flight, a trip to France should be considered. France is considered as one of the top countries that tourists visit because of its sceneries. Gulf Air serves direct flights to France from Bahrain and the near seven-hour trip should be totally worth it. Passengers are expected to land at any of the possible airports via Gulf Air: Paris Orly Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, and the Beauvais-Tille Airport. The world-renowned Eiffel tower is just a few minutes away from there and other famous tourist spots such as the Musee de Louvre, which is home to 35,000 works of art from various cultures to masterpieces by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt; and the famous monument Arc de Triomphe, which signifies Napoleon’s 1805 victory at Austerlitz.

How to get out

Numerous airlines cater flights from Bahrain to the rest of the world thru the Bahrain International Airport and they include the Saudia Arabian Airlines, British Airways, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Emirates, and Air Arabia and Gulf Air, to name a few.

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