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Car Hire in Stockholm

Car Hire in Stockholm

This information is correct as of July 2015

Stockholm houses destinations like Vasa Museum, Skansen, Gamla Stan, Drottningholm Palace, Fotografiska, and more. When travelling within Stockholm, Sweden’s capital can be seen via the car rental companies that operate within the city.

Where to hire a car in Stockholm

Among the car rental companies that work and operate within Stockholm include Berras Biluthyrning AB, AB Quick Car Rental Stockholm, Hertz, MABI Sverige AB, Sixt, Avis, Holiday Autos Nordic AB, and Budget, among others. Contact Berras at +46 8 661 19 19; Quick at +46 8 650 10 00; Hertz at +46 8 454 62 50; MABI at +46 8 566 420 50; Sixt at +46 8 410 772 22; Avis at +46 8 441 89 30; Holiday Autos at +46 77 045 66 88; and Budget at +46 10 494 87 20.

What to expect when hiring a car from Stockholm

When in Stockholm, the city can be located within the junction of E4, E18, and E20. Stockholm also has a half-completed motorway ring road towards the southern and western sides of the city centre, with the northern part of the ring road to be open any time in 2015. Additionally, the city has a bypass motorway under way for traffic headed toward North and South Sweden. This will take effect and serve the areas from 2013 to approximately 2023. The city has a congestion pricing system or the Stockholm congestion tax where the city centre charges all entering and exiting vehicles approximately 10 to 20 SEK, around EUR 1.09 to 2.18, or AU$1.59 to 3.19. There are unmanned control points within the area that operate with an automatic number plate recognition system where the vehicles have to pay the charge depending on the time of day, typically starting at around 6:30 a.m. to 6:29 p.m.

Getting to your destination

Some of the stops close to Stockholm include Uppsala, Solna Municipality, and Gothenburg. Please be advised that the driving directions provided below have been simplified to work as a quick reference. Start on your road trip and use the instructions together with a sat nav or navigation device, detailed map, if available.

When in Uppsala, expect attractions like the Domkyrka or Uppsala Cathedral, Fyris River, Uppsala Castle, and Gustavianum, among others.

Drive to Uppsala by going down Klarastrandsleden to E4 in Solna. Next, go down E4 to Uppsala and take exit 186 from E4. Also, take Kungsängsleden and Kungsgatan to Påvel Snickares gränd to reach the destination after a total of 57 minutes, or 71.0 kilometres from the point of origin.

Solna Municipality
Solna Municipality, or simply Solna, is known for Haga Park, Solna Church, Friends Arena, on top of three of the country’s royal palaces, and more.

To get to Solna from Stockholm, drive down Centralbron from Malmtorgsgatan and Vattugatan for 900 metres then get on Klarastrandsleden and E4, then take exit 167 from E4, to get to to Frösundaleden in Solna after 5.9 kilometres. Drive for another 1.1 kilometres to Kolonnvägen and get to the destination after a total of 7.8 kilometres.

Among the sights Gothenburg has to offer are Kungsportsavenyn, Gustaf Adolf Square, Gothenburg Opera, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, and Liseberg amusement park, to name a few.

From Stockholm to Gothenburg, typical travel time is around four hours and 58 minutes for 473 kilometres. Start travelling down E20/E4 in Solna from Klarastrandsleden and Pampaslänken, this will take around 5.8 kilometres. Go further down E4 and Route 40 to Ullevigatan in Göteborg, take exit 73 from E20 for 466 kilometres. Lastly, down Ullevigatan, drive to Burggrevegatan, and get to your destination after an additional 1.4 kilometres.

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