Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Car Hire in Phuket Island

Car Rental in Phuket

This information is correct as of July 2015.

Where to rent a car in Phuket

Phuket is a great island of Thailand, drawing tourists in with its beaches and its culture extraordinaire. This has made much impact on the transportation scene in the area, and has sparked the creativity of locals to provide their visitors with great transport modes. Since local public transport is quite tricky and scarce, travellers are almost always at the mercy of car rentals, which apparently is a more popular mode of transportation here.

Around the central business district lies several major and local car rental companies that provide their services to travellers. To name some are Budget Car Rental, Big Bike, Phuket Airport Transfer, Pure Car Rent, Islandcars4u, Club Anda Travel Co., Ltd., Thai Rent A Car, Tipoa Car Hire, Mr. Au Phuket, Braun Car Rentals, and others. The Phuket International Airport also holds a few car rental desks, which can easily be accessed upon arrival to the island. Most, if not all major car rental agencies (apart from the ones at the airport) are located along roads 4021, 4024, and 4022. Some can also be found along roads 4233 near the coast, while still others can be found near the Sirinat National Park along the 4031 and the 4026 road. All bookings should be managed ahead of time, through online means or via the respective trunklines of each of the companies. Renting cars cost between 1,000-1,200 Baht (39-47 AUD) per day for economic vehicles such as the Vios, going up to double the price for bigger or rarer cars. Ask for insurance levels for the vehicles before booking.

What to expect when renting a car from Phuket

Phuket is a large island and travellers should have some sort of reliable transport mode to get around. This is where the car rental (and more popularly, motorcycle rentals) comes in. Renting vehicles to explore the island is in a way cost-effective, especially if planning on exploring the great many destinations of the Phuket island – from its centres down to the off-beaten tracks. However, the driving habits of most foreigners and locals here are not stellar – with some totally ignoring the rules and regulations – resulting to several accidents on the roads every year. Due to its geography too, Phuket's roads are usually winding hilly roads that have resulted to low visibility on certain sections. Because of this, all drivers are advised to take precautionary measures, and be focused whenever they are on the road. Be wary of motorcycle riders who drive on the wrong side of the road to cover short distances, and always be patient and understand that driving here is a whole different story.

Getting to your destination

Promthep Cape
Literally “God's Cape”, the Promthep Cape is one of the island's most notable natural landmarks located to the far south, some two kilometres from Rawai Beach. It has high cliffs and uninterrupted views that provide world-famous dramatic sunsets. It is also home to a small and interesting shrine (near the cape's peak), which features a number of wooden elephants.

Promthep Cape can be reached from central Phuket by driving through the East Prince Road and Route 4024 to Rawai and the Rawai Beach all the way to the cape.

Siam Niramit Phuket
Located in Muang, the Siam Niramit is an art theatre that shows an 80-minute performance of the history and culture of Thailand in high flying fashion, live elephants, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and stunts. It is a must-see destination for travellers who are interested in learning about Thailand in an entertaining way.

Siam Niramit can be reached by driving through the Vichit Songkram Road from central Phuket, taking the roundabout and continuing straight through the 402. The destination is along this road.

Chalong Bay
Chalong Bay is the principal boat anchorage of Phuket, and its largest bay. It is located 11 kilometres south of the town, perfect for travellers who would want to experience sailing and others.

Reach Chalong Bay by driving to the North Parish area from the central district, and then taking the 1st exit on the roundabout to Bangkok Street. From here, take Route 4022 and Route 4021 to Luang Por Soi in Chalong.

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