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Car Hire in Mackay

Car Hire in Mackay

This information is correct as of July 2015.

Mackay, with its tropical streets, art deco buildings, and winding mangroves, makes a pleasant country coastal town to check out in Queensland. It makes a refreshing change from resort towns, which you will see in its major attractions such as Mackay Regional Botanical Gardens, Mackay Marina, and Bluewater Lagoon. You can also look at Mackay Townhouse Motel, which is an excellent example of art deco in the central business district, as well as the Australian Hotel and the Ambassador Hotel. Explore all these areas and more with the trusted car rental providers available within the city.

Where to hire a car in Mackay

When going to Mackay, various public transport options can be considered. You might find it easier to rent a car, though, especially if you want to be on your own. There are various car rental companies you can think about transacting with in this part of Queensland, Australia. Major brands such as Budget, Hertz, Sixt, and Thrifty can be found here, as well as a number of independent operators each offering a wide selection of vehicles, from the smart sedan to the hardy 4WD.

If you are an international visitor, you will be able to drive in Australia with your licence for three months as long as it is in English. A lack of a licence in English qualifies you to obtain an International Driver's Permit (IDP) from your home country and a formal photographic identification card or passport. For other concerns, clarify them with your provider before finalising the rental agreement.

What to expect when hiring a car from Mackay

In Mackay, rush hour usually occurs between the early morning and late afternoon as the people commute to places they need to go. Traffic can be generally light, though, so there is no need to worry about not getting to your destination on time in most days. Toll roads are located around the major cities such as Brisbane, so you do not need to allot money for tolls unless you plan on going there. Congestion charges are also not in effect here, but you should prepare a certain amount if you are travelling beyond the area. Trams are not in operation in the town, but bicycles are often used in the area. Parking is available in some establishments, but you will have to arrange with a hotel or some other accommodations to make sure you have a spot.

Always remember to stay on the left side of the road, while the steering wheel is located on the right side of the car, with the gear stick and other instruments on the left. Be sure to keep your seatbelts on, with children up to seven years old restrained with the right safety harnesses and capsules. Speed limits are also strictly enforced, with cameras often used by highway patrol police to watch out for over-speeding and other traffic violations. The typical default in most built-up urban areas is 50 km/h, which decreases to 40 km/h in the school zones and other areas. Speed limits may vary outside city areas and major freeways.

Getting to your destination

Called Australia's Beef Capital, Rockhampton has about two million cattle around 250 kilometres from the town proper. It is not all pasture, though, as you will find here wide streets and fine Victorian-era buildings with a gold and copper mining legacy. Some of the major attractions here include the Botanic Gardens and Archer Park Rail Museum. Take Gordon St to National Highway A1 and then follow the highway to Bolsover St in Rockhampton. Continue on Bolsover St and then drive to Fitzroy St to get to the town centre. The drive can take around three hours and 40 minutes, due to the more than 300-kilometre distance.

A small Queensland coastal town, Bowen's wide streets and low-rise buildings give way to a friendly and laidback atmosphere. It is not without its own attractions, though, as it has 24 colourful murals depicting the various events and facets of the region's history. It is busy during the fruit-picking season between April and November, which is famous due to the Bowen mangoes.

To get here, head west on Victoria St and take the 1st exit onto Gregory St at the roundabout. Turn right onto Gordon St and another right onto National Highway A1. Continue onto Bowen Connection Rd/Don St, before continuing straight to Leichhardt St and then turn left onto Powell St. The trip can go on about two hours and 10 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions while traversing the 192 kilometres to Bowen.

Sprawling between a red hill and the sea, Townsville makes a tidy modern area with excellent museums, a vibrant nightlife, and other city attractions. You can also check out here the Reef HQ Aquarium that holds about 2.5 million litres of water, 130 coral species, and 120 types of fish. The Australian Institute of Marine Science can also be found here, as well as the Museum of Tropical Queensland, to name a few.

Around four hours and 30 minutes from Mackay is Townsville, which you can reach by starting from Gordon St to the National Highway A1. You can then follow it to the Southern Port Rd in Stuart and then continue on Southern Port Rd. Drive to State Route 16 to get to Townsville City.

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