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Car Hire in Khonnu

Car Hire in Khonnu

Car rental in Khonnu can be arranged through Skyscanner. There are few chain car rentals, but local providers can supply vehicles from cars to trucks to limousines. Because Khonuu is not a frequently used destination for visitors, these places are small businesses that are well-aware of the best vehicles for day trips in this Siberian town. Visitors love to hire a car in Khonuu from one of many experienced car dealerships. Depending on your season of travel, ask for extra safety precautions that are suitable for the challenges of the local terrain and climate.

Car Hire at Khonnu Airport(s)

The nearest airport, Moma Airport (KQJ), does not provide car rental in Khonuuy. You will have to rely on a car rental service from an international airport such as Yakutsk Airport (YKS). Yakutsk Airport features a full range of car dealerships and packages that accompany flights. Although it is a significant distance from Yakutsk to Khonnu, it is the most reliable location to secure a vehicle from an airport.

Driving in Khonnu

It is straightforward to rent a car in Khonnu and drive around. There is little traffic, and other forms of delays are typically caused by wildlife crossing the road. One interesting road sign to look out for is the Slow Turn sign. Since many roads are made of ice, controlling your speed on corners is an important thing to consider.

A great nearby attraction is Moglev Lake, which features impressive waterfront views and small picnic shacks. It is about a 45-minute drive on the major highways. Make sure to park along the northeast shore of the lake where parking spaces can accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Parking in Khonnu

Shotarka lot is one of the best places to park in Khonnu. In the absence of large events, prices can be as low as £1.20 per hour during both daytime and nighttime. If you are looking for parking during a busy festival, prices often skyrocket, and availability can be difficult. A good alternative is to hire a car in Khonnu and park on the street. Parallel lines both sides of major roads, allowing drivers to select places. Many official establishments do not have their own lots, so look for public areas to park.

Where to Go and What to See in Khonnu

Once you have your car hire in Khonnu, consider Nuami Plaza as a day trip. This complex full of restaurants, shops, and entertainment is located on the eastern end of the city. Nuami Plaza is distinguished by its variety of vendors. Almost no two stores sell the same products, which is great if you are looking for souvenirs or trinkets. For more energetic travelers, consider the waterfront just north of Moma Airport. It is a beautiful sight, especially during the spring when the stream is in full force or when the Siberian cranes are migrating through. You can rent a car in Khonuu and drive right up to the waterfront. Alternatively, take detour routes via your car hire in Khonuu along man-made trails.

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