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Car Hire in Beijing

Car Hire in Beijing

This information is correct as of July 2015.

When in Beijing, some of the sights and attractions to drive to include the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and more. Drive through Beijing with some of the most reliable car rental companies that operate from within and around the city.

Where to hire a car in Beijing

The car rental companies that operate within Beijing area are Beijing Car Rental, Hezi Zuche, E Hi Car Rental, Shenzhou Auto Rental, along with Peking Soho Car Rental, Tianjin Car Rental, Dalian Car Rental, Qingdao Car Rental, Shenyang Car Rental, Nanjing Car Rental, and Wuxi Car Rental, to name a few. Different types of cars are offered by each car rental company, from economy and compact cars, to full-size sedans and SUVs, and even minivans. Aside from local car rental operators, international brands also provide their service in Beijing, such as Avis, Payless, Hertz, and Sixt. The pick-up and drop-off areas include the airport, subway and railway stations, and the city centre.

What to expect when hiring a car from Beijing

Driving in Beijing is known to be challenging and complicated to foreign drivers due to language and heavy traffic. Also, it is most likely you will not be permitted to drive a car in Beijing, especially for driver’s licences issued by countries other than China; only Chinese driver’s licences are required to drive within country. Although, for short visa holders, it is possible to get provisional driver’s licence via Beijing International Airport and police stations. Just present your passport and driver’s licence then do a small examination to confirm no physical and visual disability. After these short steps, you can get the provisional driver’s licence in minutes. For less hassle, car rental providers in Beijing also offer chauffeur-driven cars.

The city of Beijing can be accessed from all parts of China, as it is part of the National Trunk Road Network, with road links extending to various areas of the country. There are nine expressways that serve Beijing, plus 11 China National Highways and five ring roads. The ring roads’ geographical centre is the Forbidden City. As with large major cities in the world, traffic jams are constantly an issue in Beijing, with several main roads remain congested even after rush hour. To somehow reduce congestion, cars with non-Beijing plates are banned from entering areas within the Fifth Ring Road during rush hour; make sure to check the plate on your vehicle especially if planning to drive to this area.

Getting to your destination

Drive out from Beijing to Langfang, Tianjin, and Chengde, among others. We have provided the Chinese names of the roads, with rough English translations to help with your road trip. Please be advised that the translations can differ and can be inconsistent. When unsure, it is best to drive around with a sat-nav or a navigation device when available, just ask your car rental provided for it.

Langfang is a prefecture-level city that houses attractions like Langfang Century Square, Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Langfang Stadium, Langfang Children’s Paradise, Tongbai Mosque, and more.

When driving to Langfang from Beijing, get on 东三环中路 (East Third Ring Road) in 朝阳 (Sunny). Next, take G2/S40 and get to 采廊路 (Mining Gallery Road) in 大兴区 (Daxing District), then take exit G104/采育/廊坊西 (G104/Caiyu / Langfang West) from G2京沪高速/S40京津塘高速/G2/S40 (G2 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed/S40 -Tianjin-Tanggu high-speed/G2/S40). Go down 104国道/105国道/G104/G105 (State Road 104 / State Road 105/G104/G105) and S272 to get to your destination in 廊坊广阳区 (Guang Yang District Langfang). Total travel time is around an hour and eight minutes for 55.8 kilometres. Also, please be advised that when following this route, there may be partial toll roads along the way.

Drive to Tianjin and visit Guwenhua Jie, Huangya Pass, Hai River, Dule Temple, Taku Forts, Tianjin Eye, Tianjin Radio and Television Tower, Tianjin Museum, and more. As a metropolis, Tianjin can be found within northern China and is among the five national central cities of the People’s Republic of China.

Get on S50东五环/S50 (East Fifth Ring S50/S50) in 朝阳 (Chaoyang) from 103国道/G103 (03 State Road / G103) then take S15, S30 and S1 to 黑牛城道辅路 (Heiniucheng roads) in 天津河西区 (Hexi District, Tianjin). Take exit 天津梅江会展中心/友谊路 (Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center / Friendship Road) from 黑牛城道 (Heiniucheng).

Visit Chengde for tourist spots like the Imperial Summer Palace of Mountain Resort, Eight Outer Temples in The Bishu Villa, Museum of Summer Resort, Temple of Universal Happiness, Chengde Qingchui Mountain, to name a few.

Chengde from Beijing is reachable after down 东二环 (East Second Ring) in 朝阳 (Sunny), then G45 to 101国道/G101 (State Road 101/G101) in 承德双桥区 (Shuangqiao District Chengde). Exit from G45大广高速/G45 (Wide high-speed G45/G45). Next, go down 101国道/G101 (01 State Road/G101) to your destination.

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