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Car Hire in Atiu Island

Car Hire in Atiu Island

Atiu Island is a small volcanic island located in the South Pacific. It is well-known for its coffee and authentic Polynesian culture. Due to its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and water gardens, Atiu is a very popular destination for travellers. If you wish to hire a car on Atiu Island for transportation, we have some helpful tips for you to consider.

Car Hire at Atiu Island Airports

Enua Airport (AIU) is the airport that accommodates travel to and from Atiu Island. The three primary airlines that service travel there are Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue, and Air Tahiti. There's no major car rental service offered at the airport, so you'll have to hire a taxi to travel about two miles to T&J Rentals in order to rent a car on Atiu Island.

Driving in Atiu Island

Once you have acquired your car rental on Atiu Island, getting around is simple. At its longest points, the island is roughly 6 miles wide, taking about 20 minutes to drive from one end to the other. This makes accessing its hotels, restaurants, beaches, and gardens quick and easy, never taking longer than 15 minutes on average to reach a given destination. From T&J Rentals, the closest hotel is only about 350 meters south. The most popular hotel, which sit upon a plateau on the edge of the island's central district, are located a mile from where you'll find your car hire on Atiu Island. Other hotels can be found in the Areora District and on the perimeter of the village of Mapumai.

Parking in Atiu Island

Parking is available at all the hotels and restaurants on the island. In addition, tour buses are available from the airport and hotels that can take you to various locales, such as coffee shops and nature parks. Many beaches are hidden away, but driving a car hire on Atiu Island will still allow you to access them. You may need to park farther away and access the beaches on foot, getting more precise directions from the locals. The bright side to this is that many of these secluded beaches are empty, so your visit will not be crowded or noisy.

Where to Go and What to See in Atiu Island

After you hire a car on Atiu Island, there are many exciting attractions that will be accessible to you. There are several high-quality dining options located within walking distance of the central district, but those staying at other hotels need only travel a few minutes if they take advantage of car rental on Atiu Island. If you ever need a break from driving after you rent a car on Atiu Island, there are many tour services that can transport you to various bird sanctuaries, caves, indigenous villages, or local coffee production factories. The numerous beaches and reefs make for excellent locations to snorkel and scuba dive, and you can also enjoy lagoon fishing trips, whale-watching excursions, and deep sea fishing.

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