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Car Rental in Uluru

This information is correct as of August 2015

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, lies in the remote part of Northern Territory, near the borders with Western and South Australia. This environment is outback territory, where travellers will find one of the outstanding sites in Australia. The Uluru, an impressive land formation and popular hiking territory, is also the base of several sacred sites to the Anangu, which can be fascinating to check out.

Where to rent a car in Uluru

At least three car rental companies can be accessed near Uluru, along the Lasseter Highway in the Northwest Territory area of Ayers Rock. Two of them are international car rental agencies, while one is a local company in the area. These are Avis, Thrifty, and Uluru Express. Avis' desk is located at the Ayers Rock Airport facility, while Thrifty has offices at the airport and near the Ayers Rock Resort. Uluru Express meanwhile, is located near Perentie Road.

Rental cars available in these outlets may include economic vehicles, sedans, campervans, and even trucks, limousines, and the like, all available for differing prices. One should, however, rent more suitable vehicles such as trucks and vans here, as this the area is the real 'outback'. Booking can be done in advance through online means or via telephone. Travellers may ask if the car rental company can deliver the car/s at the airport. One should also place any special requirements (on vehicles or vehicle types) that they might have upon reservation, so that it can be arranged by the company.

What to expect when renting a car from Uluru

Uluru's main road is the Lasseter Highway, which stretches from north to south of the area. It connects the Uluru, or the Ayers Rock attraction to the airport and the small town of Uluru, and also gives access to travellers who wish to go to other places outside the vicinity. Roads here are paved and marked, although road signs are few. Most of the time, the roads are empty and quiet so it is a joy to ride especially in the morning. Towards the night, travellers are advised to be careful on driving here, as this is some sort of a 'province', where animals roam about the area and on the roads.

Getting to your destination

Uluru – also known as the Ayers Rock, Uluru is a massive sandstone monolith at the heart of the Northern Territory's Red Centre desert some 450 kilometres away from Alice Springs. It is sacred to the Australian Aborigines and is believed to have existed for 700 million years. It is located at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which also encompasses the Olgas. From the Ayers Rock Airport, one can reach Uluru by taking the Lasseter Highway/Red Centre Way/State Route 4 all the way to the entrance of the park and to the destination.

Kata Tjuta – Kata Tjuta, or sometimes written as Tjuta, are a group of large domed rock formations that are located some 365 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. They are considered sacred to the Australian Aborigines, and is considered as a national and world cultural heritage site. Apart from checking out the domes, do visit the Valley of the Winds here. Do not be confused to hear people say “the Olgas”, as the Kata Tjuta is also called Mount Olga or as such. Located some 54 kilometres west of Uluru, travellers may reach the Olgas by driving straight through the Lasseter Highway/Route 4 all the way to the destination.

Alice Springs – A ruggedly beautiful town, this area features a tough pioneering past and several cultural landmarks such as the Telegraph Station Historical Reserve, Museum of Central Australia, and the Araluen Arts Centre. One can also add to the itinerary the MacDonnell Ranges, which stretch east and west from the town centre. When going here, one can get through the Lasseter Highway/State Route 4 and National Highway 87.

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