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Car Hire from Tours Airport

Car Hire from Tours Airport

The gateway to the Loire region, Tours, is located close to major castles in the Loire Valley. Tours is a student city having some 40,000 resident in the area. A mixture of attractions and activities complement a visit to this lively city and the best way to take in the views is to hire a car at Tours Airport. Skyscanner can help you find the best car hire deal available from Tours Airport.

Where to hire a car at Tours Airport

Car hire desks for Avis, Citer, Alamo, Europcar and Hertz are located in the arrivals terminal at Tours Airport. As a small airport the opening hours for the car hire desks at Tours Airport are very limited and it is important to check this fits in with your flights and intended pick up and drop off times.

Petrol Stations near Tours Airport

When hiring a car with a ‘full to full’ fuel policy from Tours Airport you must ensure you refuel completely before returning your car otherwise you may incur excess charges.

The closest petrol station is 2km away on the Rue de Colombier which can be reached by going straight over the roundabout at the end of Tours Airport’s exit road and the station can be found on the left.

Driving around Tours Airport

Road trips are popular in this region of France due to its proximity to popular destinations like Paris and Le Mans. Many of the motorways in France are toll roads and you are likely to encounter these when traveling from Tours Airport such as the A10 and the A85.
After hiring your car and leaving the airport you will join the only exit road from Tours Airport. The airport is located 10 minutes from the A10 Paris-Bordeaux toll road and also the A28 to Le Mans.

Getting to your destination

Here is a guide to some of the popular destinations for visitors to the Loire region of France which can be easily reached when you hire a car from Tours Airport.


Tours is a major town in the Loire Valley that is packed with historical architecture including the grand chateaux synonymous with the French landscape. A wine region with broad appeal to international tourists, there’s a lot to see and do in Tours.

Tours Airport is 6.2km from the centre of Tours and can be accessed by joining the D801 highroad for 550m before turning into Rue Daniel Mayer to the Rue de Constantine in Tours, 5.3km away.
There are several underground car parks in Tours in the following locations: Place de la Gare (under the square outside the train station; Place des Halles (under the Halles market and well located for visiting the old town and Place Anatole-France with easy access to shopping. Charges vary but on average are €2/hour and closing times should be checked when parking.


Tours to Paris is a popular road trip for tourists. Paris is the most visited city in the world and offers a wealth of attractions, cultural events and historic buildings and monuments and its designer shopping on Champs d’Elysees.

Tours Airport is 239km from Paris, around a 2 hour drive via the A10 toll road. From the airport follow the N10 for 5km to the A1 which will take you directly to the centre of Paris.
Street parking in Paris is organised across 3 parking zones with maximum stay of 2 hours at a rate of €1.20-€3.60/hour depending on the zone. Parking meters in Paris only accept the ‘Paris Carte’ card which can be bought in coffee shops and tobacconists costing €15-€40. Unlimited parking is restricted to car parks in the city centre. Rates vary from €2.50-€4.00/hour with a daily maximum of €15.00-€48.00.

Le Mans

Le Mans is famous for being home to an annual Formula 1 Grand Prix event. However Le Mans has more on offer with an old town with streets lined with medieval houses and the 11th century St Julien cathedral, one of the largest in France.

Tours Airport is 101km from Le Mans and can be reached by joining the A10 toll road after exiting Tours Airport for 3.5km before turning on to the A28 towards Paris for 87.9km. Continue on the D314 for 9.7km which takes you directly to Le Mans.
Parking can be restricted close to the Le Mans race circuit, particularly when the event takes place. It is recommended to park at the train station in Le Mans, Gare du Mans where 24 hour parking spaces are widely available. Costs are expensive and range from €2-€4/hour.

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