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Car Hire from Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

Car Rental at Taoyuan International Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015.

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Where to rent a car at Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport

Although generally unpopular in the city due to the presence of cheap and efficient modes of transport, travellers may still access two car rental companies from the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan. The first one, called Ching Bing Auto Leasing Co., Ltd. offers car rental and chauffeur services from the west side of the Terminal 1 Arrivals lobby on the first floor. The other car rental agency is called the Hotai Leasing Corporation, which is also a car rental and chauffeur service provider. Hotai Leasing Corporation is located at the west side of Terminal 2 – Arrivals lobby on the first floor.

What to expect when renting a car from Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Airport is located approximately 40 kilometres west of Taipei. The airport is surrounded by the Hangzhan Road, which is connected to most of the main roads in the area. Note that Taoyuan City is nearer than Taipei City proper from the airport, and that traffic is more likely to be experienced when driving towards Taipei than to Taoyuan. If the traveller decides to head to Taoyuan, they will be using the National Road 2 and cover some 19.4 kilometres toward the city; if they are going to Taipei, they will be using the National Road 1 and the Zhongshan Freeway. There are also other routes from the airport that lead to various parts of Taiwan. These routes include Dayuan Interchange, Provincial Highway 110, and Provincial Highway No.4.

Driving around Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport

When driving within Taipei, note that traffic here is usually bad. Looking for a parking space within the city, especially the central business district, can also be challenging as they are limited and expensive. Most of the main tourist attractions within Taipei are easily accessible by public transportation. It is best to look for parking outside of the city centre or your hotel and use the public transportation from there. Rental cars are best driven when going outside of the city; traffic outside Taipei is not as bad as well.

Getting to your destination

Wanhua is the oldest district of Taipei, home to many historic buildings such as the Longshan Temple and the Red House Theatre. It is also home to a great shopping neighbourhood that is centred on teenager fashion, culture, and subcultures. Wanhua is about 45 kilometres from the airport located at the central New Taipei area. It can be reached via the Sun Yat Sen Freeway towards the Wugu Bayberry Elevated Section/National Highway 1.

Daan is a modern commercial district that is known for its shopping venues, bars, and atmospheric restaurants, and some of most expensive real estate in the city. It is also the location of the National Taiwan University and the National Taiwan Normal University, which gives the area a youthful aura. Check out the student cafes and restaurants here too! Daan can be accessed via the National Highway 1 and the Zhongshan Freeway. From the airport, the journey should cover about 50 minutes. Expect moderate to heavy traffic at several sections of National Highway 1, and prepare to pay tolls.

Want to take a break from the busy city centre? Head to Beitou and experience some of the best hot springs in Taiwan. This area is also famous for the Yangmingshan National Park; a great site for day trips with the family or even with friends. From the National Highway 1/Zhongshan Freeway, take National Highway 2 to Pai Road section in Taipei to reach Beitou.

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