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Car Hire from Enfidha Airport

Car Hire from Enfidha Airport

Enfidha Airport is perfectly placed for visitors wanting to explore the northern and central regions of Tunisia’s coastline. The country is known for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches but there is much more besides the sea and the sun to enjoy in Tunisia. The country has ancient history, bustling towns and beautiful countryside to explore. Venturing beyond the beach resorts is easy when you hire a car from Enfidha Airport.

Where to hire a car at Enfidha Airport

There are two car hire companies operating at Tunisia’s Enfidha Airport. Dine and Avis both have offices in the arrivals hall, on the right hand side after exiting the customs area.

Petrol Stations near Enfidha Airport

Depending on the fuel policy of your hire car you may need to refuel it before dropping it off.

For visitors travelling south from Enfidha Airport, the closest petrol station is an Agil garage on the P1. There’s another Agil garage on route A1 for drivers heading north. It’s around 15 minutes away from the airport.

Driving around Enfidha Airport

Enfidha Airport is well-connected by local road routes. Both the A1 and P1 travel north and south from the airport towards Tunis and Sfax. There are some toll booths along the A1. So make sure you have change before travelling.

Getting to your destination

Around this northern and central region of Tunisia, there are many interesting places to explore. Here are just a few of them, all easily accessed by car from Enfidha Airport.

Nabeul is one of the smaller towns in the Cap Bon, Tunisia’s most visited and arguably most beautiful region. With fewer tourists than the big resorts, the coastal town of Nabeul is famous for its stunning ceramics and its popular Friday market. Visitors can spend the day shopping, wandering around the medina, taking a camel ride or heading down to the town’s quiet beach out of the town centre. There’s also a museum containing historical artefacts and local archaeological finds as well as a number of cafes in which to stop, watch the world go by and soak up the atmosphere.

Nabeul is just 50 minutes’ drive from Enfidha Airport taking the A1 north. It’s a small town with plenty of street parking and a number of designated car parks.

Sousse is a relaxed and friendly resort town just south of Enfidha Airport. It is home to a range of accommodation options and some stunning sandy beaches. The covered alley ways and tiled passages of the Old Town make for some excellent photo opportunities while the esplanade in the evening is lively and atmospheric. Visitors should also head down to the catacombs of Sousse’s burial crypts for a truly unique experience. Sousse is 35 minutes’ drive from Enfidha Airport, taking Highway A1 south. Driving around Sousse, as in many Tunisian towns, can be a bit hair-raising. Not everyone drives by the rules so it’s a good idea to take your time and drive safely.

Mahdia is an unspoilt, ancient Tunisian town. It was originally a small fishing village and fishing is still a major activity, with wooden fishing boats bobbing along the shoreline and a tiled fish market in the town centre. Along the coast there are beautiful sandy beaches and the crumbling ruins of Fatimid port. The town’s cobbled streets and a small central square are atmospheric and the place to go for shopping bargains or a refreshment pit stop.

It takes around one and a half hours to get from Enfidha Airport to Mahdia. Drivers should take the A1 south and then C96 towards the coast. Mahdia’s Old Town can be a little difficult to navigate so it’s best to park up on the outskirts of the town and do your exploring on foot.

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