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Car Hire from Seoul Incheon Int'l Airport

Car Rental at Incheon International Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015.

Seoul is a pulsing place filled with sights, and travellers will be better off driving around here. To do this, they may rent a car via Skyscanner, which gives information on car rental services at the Incheon International Airport. Upon arrival, travellers may immediately go through immigrations, and jump to the drivers' seat.

Where to rent a car at Incheon International Airport

Three car rental companies are located within Incheon International Airport. These include international Hertz, and local Kumho Rent-a-car and AJ Rent-a-Car. Offices for these car rental companies are located near the long term parking lot. Note that the services at the airport require reservations and confirmation of bookings at least one day before the day of the arrival. Take note too, that operation hours are from Monday to Saturday only; no services are available every Sunday and on public holidays.

What to expect when renting a car from Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport is located approximately 48 kilometres or 30 miles west of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The airport is served by an expressway and the toll Yeongjong Bridge that links the airport to mainland South Korea. There is also another expressway on the Incheon Bridge that connects the island to central Incheon. Incheon International Airport is mainly connected to the Incheon Airport Expressway, Incheon Bridge, 2nd Kyongin Expressway, Gyungbu Expressway, Seoul Beltway, and 3rd Kyongin Expressway, and to some extent the Kyongin Expressway, Gangbyeon Expressway, Songdo Seaside Road, Seohaean Expressway, and Youngdong Expressway.

Driving around Incheon International Airport

Toll expressways (Gosok Doro) are everywhere in South Korea. There are also a number of highways into and out of Seoul. The most important highway is the Gyeongbu Expressway that connects Seoul with Busan. Traffic is almost always heavy here. To avoid the daily traffic jam here, an alternative route would be via Jungbu/2nd Jungbu, Seohaean, or via Yongin-Seoul Expressway. Street signs in Seoul are usually written in both Korean and English.

Getting to your destination

Myeong-dong is one of Seoul's main shopping areas and tourism districts filled with shops and sights that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. Lines and lines of retail stores and food shops are here, and it is quite impossible for one to leave empty handed. From the airport, head north-east and go to the general direction of the Incheon International Airport Expressway. From here, take Exit 9 and the merge into Jayuro. Jayuro then becomes Gangbyeonbuk-ro. Take the exit on the left, and then merge to Maporo for another 0.6 miles. From here, take a slight right on to Mallijaero, and then keep right to continue to Mallijaero and Toegyero. The destination is just past Myeongdong 2-gil.

Like Myeong-Dong, Dongdaemun is another shopping district that is home to every fashion item imaginable: fabric, clothes, accessories, and even wedding goods. It is home to the largest clothing suppliers in Korea, and aspiring designers come here to hone their skills. Cheap and diverse clothes available for the fashion forward and even to the average consumer, this place simply attracts shoppers from all over the world. Head towards the Incheon International Airport Expressway, and drive toawrds Exit 9. From here, merge into Jayuro, and then continue towards the Yanghwa-ro/Route 6. After which, turn left on to Daehak-Ro, and then take the first left to Jong Ro. After 0.1 miles, take the first right to the Dongdaemun area.

Jeonju is famous for its excellent food, specifically its famous mixed rice dish of bibimbap. In addition to this, the city's history that played an important role in helping shape Korea is also not going unnoticed, as evidences of the past can still be seen through the city's preserved temples. From the airport, go north-east and then go to the general direction of Yeongjonghaeanbuk-ro, all the way to the Second Gyeongjin Expressway. Continue driving and stay on the Aamdaero-Road, and then merge into the third Gyeongjin Highway. Take the exit, and keep right at the fork in the ramp. From here, enter the Yeongdong Expressway, and then take exit to enter the Gyeongbu Expressway South. Again take exit, and then proceed through the Cheonannonsan Expressway all the way towards the Honam Expressway and the Iksanpohang Expressway. Merge into 17, and then take Dongbudaeno, Gyeonhwonno, Andeokwonno, and Girindaeno until you reach Jeonju.

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