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Car Hire from Honolulu International Airport

Car Rental at Honolulu International Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015. All data are retrieved on August 2015.

Explore beautiful Honolulu without the hassle of riding public transport. Get a rental car via Skyscanner, which provides up to date information on rental cars at the Honolulu International Airport. Travellers may access through Skyscanner information about the rental options offered in the area.

Where to rent a car at Honolulu International Airport

Six major car rental companies serve the airport of Honolulu, and travellers may access their offices on the ground level opposite Baggage Claim G. Registration counters are meanwhile located in the Baggage Claim Area. These car rental companies include Advantage, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National. Bookings and reservations through these rental companies can be done online, or through toll-free numbers and telephone numbers as listed by these companies. On-site bookings can also be arranged through the airport offices. Since these are major rental car companies, travellers may expect to rent out several types of vehicles, from economic vehicles up to luxury vehicles, depending on the availability.

What to expect when renting a car from Honolulu International Airport

Depending on the car rental company that the traveller will access, rules and regulations on car rentals may vary. Car rental companies usually provide their customers guidelines on what to do and what not to do – from booking to vehicle usage. Some of these companies require travellers to present valid identification documents and cards along with their passports and their booking and payment confirmation details before the release of the car, while still others offer extra services including added insurance, chauffeur services, and even GPS systems.

It is best to know about the vehicle that the traveller will be renting, so that he or she may troubleshoot any issues that may arise when on the road. From the vehicle make, to extra tires, and even to the jack to be used when the tire is flat, the traveller should learn how the car works. Moreover, he or she should know about the nearest petrol stations from the airport, so that he or she may refuel as needed.

Driving around Honolulu International Airport

The Honolulu International Airport is mainly connected to the H-1 Freeway, which lets motorists get to West Oahu, East Oahu, and Waikiki. H-1 also connects the airport to the Queen Liliuoklani Freeway on to Pearl City, and to Halawa via the H201 Road. The airport is also connected to Nimitz Highway and to the Rodgers Boulevard, which is actually the gateway between the airport and Nimitz.

Being Hawaii's main city centre, Honolulu's roads are paved, clear, and bright as the Hawaiian sun. Roads are properly marked, and although some minor ones are twisting and turning, it is still very much easy to drive in. Further, Honolulu and its airport is situated near the coast, so travellers may have a pleasant drive. The nearest city from the airport is of course, Honolulu, which is located some 6.5 miles from the airport. It lies near the H-1 Freeway and Road 21A. All basic services can be accessed from the city.

Getting to your destination

Waikiki, one of the most famous beach sites in Honolulu, is a tourist haven filled with beautiful waters in white-sand beaches. Surfers will have fun playing with the tides here, foodies can have a taste of the fruits of the tropical sun in the cuisine, and people-watchers will surely have fun. Waikiki can be accessed via the H-1 Freeway East to Punahou Street, taking exit 23 to Kalakaua Avenue to Ena Road.

Pearl Harbor, another famous military-related site in Hawaii and in Honolulu, is commonly known for the December 7, 1941-incident where some 2,000 members of the US military were killed by a Japanese attack that brought the United States to the World War II. Today, the harbour is still functioning as a navy base, and is alternately functioning as a site of memorials to honour the fallen of that day and the rest of the war. Pearl Harbor can be reached by taking the H-1 Freeway West and HI-76 South/Fort Weaver Road to 12th Street. From 12th Street, drive to the 11th Street towards G Avenue to reach the harbour area.

Bishop Museum is said to be the biggest museum in Western Honolulu. It is a complex of buildings with a large collection of Hawaiian artefacts. Sections dedicated to Hawaiian history, science, the planets, and natural history and volcanology can all be found here. The Bishop Museum can be accessed via the H-1 Street and 20A.

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