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Car Hire from Algiers Airport

Car Hire at Algiers Airport

This information is correct as of November 2015

Explore the capital of Algeria and its beautiful Mediterranean beaches on your own schedule with car hire at Algiers Airport.

Where to hire a car at Algiers Airport

Hertz, Avira Auto, and Azimut Car are offer car hire at Algiers Airport. There are very few car hire companies once you reach the city, so if you're planning a self-drive tour of the area it's best to book your car hire in advance.

Petrol stations near Algiers Airport

If you select a 'full to full' car rental agreement you will need to hand your car back with a full tank.

There are three gas stations on the N5, just a few minutes drive to the west of the airport.

Driving around Algiers Airport

The N5 motorway passes the airport. You can get onto most of the country's major roads from here. If you don't know your way around, we recommend choosing a car hire package that includes a sat-nav system. It's best only to drive during daylight hours, as the majority of car-based crime occurs at night. Traffic in Algeria drives on the right-hand side of the road.

Getting to your destination

There are lots of interesting coastal towns to visit, all within striking distance of Algiers Airport. Petrol in Algeria is cheap in comparison to fuel costs in the UK.


Historic and monumental architecture combines with the glittering blue of the Mediterranean to create a cultural and beguiling atmosphere. Fascinating and beautiful, Algeria's capital certainly deserves a long look.

It takes about 25 minutes to drive to Algiers from the airport. Like any capital city, driving and parking in Algiers can be complicated. We recommend looking for hotels in Algiers with guest parking. The city centre can be quite chaotic to drive in, so try to choose a hotel on the outskirts of town with good highway access.


Roman history mixes with beautiful beaches in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to drive to Tipasa from Algiers Airport. Most people arrive at the Archaeological Park by car, so there are plenty of places to park. Most hotels in the area have private parking lots for their guests too.

Sidi Fredj

This pretty port town is packed with history: it's where the French ships landed and established a beachhead during the 1830's Invasion of Algeria.

It takes about 45 minutes to drive to Sidi Fredj from Algiers Airport. Parking in the town is ample and free. It's also possible to find accommodation with parking included. Although the town is fairly safe, it's always best to leave your car in a guarded car park overnight.

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