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Car Hire from Adana Airport

Car Hire from Adana Airport

Adana Airport is a great base from which to explore southern Turkey. Close to the Mediterranean, beautiful scenery and ancient cities, the area offers a real slice of Turkey away from crowded tourist resorts. Hiring a car from Adana Airport allows you to explore at your own pace and reach attractions that would otherwise prove inaccessible.

Where to hire a car at Adana Airport

There are a number of car hire companies located at Adana Airport. These include Avis, Ser-bey, Europcar, Taro and Bayraktarlar. All of the car hire offices are located inside the airport’s International Terminal.

Petrol Stations near Adana Airport

Route D400 provides the main route to and from the airport. If you need to return your hire car with a full tank of petrol, you’ll find petrol stations located on the D400 just before you turn onto Baris Boulevard, whichever direction you are approaching from. The closest petrol stations are both BP garages about five minutes’ drive from the airport terminal.

Driving around Adana Airport

From the airport, the D400 goes east towards Adana and west through Tarsus and towards Mersin. From Adana it’s also easy to pick up the E90 which travels north all the way to Ankara and the D815 which goes south to Karatas on the coast.

To drive in Turkey, you’ll need a photocard driving license. If you just have a paper license, you’ll need an International Driving Permit. The International Driving Permit is different from your standard international driving license and you’ll need to apply for one prior to your trip. You can apply to the RAC, the AA or at a post office for just £5.50.

Roads in Turkish cities and towns are generally well-maintained and there are some toll booths on motorways. In rural areas, conditions are a little more unpredictable.

There are a number of road rules in Turkey that differ from the UK. Your horn should only be used in extremely dangerous situations, the drink driving limit is zero and you must use dipped headlights during the day. You may also find police checking your speed on many stretches of road so drive safely and obey speed limits to avoid a fine.

Getting to your destination

If you’re choosing to hire a car from Adana Airport, you’ll find yourself within easy reach of some great local attractions. Here are just a few of them:


Adana is Turkey’s fourth largest city. It sits on the Seyhan River and is home to an ancient Old Town, an Archaeological Museum and an Ethnographic Museum. The city also has a modern side, with excellent bars, cafés and restaurants.

It takes just seven minutes to reach Adana city centre from Adana Airport. The most direct route takes Baris Boulevard away from the airport before turning right onto the D400, which provides the main route through the city centre. Traffic can be busy during rush hours but generally roads and signposts are excellent.


Tarsus is famous for being the birthplace of St. Paul. It is full of ancient ruins and historical sites including the Church Mosque built in 300AD, Cleopatra’s Gate from Roman times and the Well of St. Paul. The Tarsus Museum gives you some more information about the history of the city and there are plenty of cafés and restaurants in which to get a bite to eat.

Tarsus is 40 minutes’ drive from Adana Airport, taking the Baris Boulevard and then the D400 west. Tarsus is an old city with winding streets so it’s wise to have a sat nav or a very good map to help with navigation. Many of the city’s attractions have their own car parks but it’s easier to park out of the historic centre if you can.


Karatas is a small city sitting on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It’s a great spot for lounging on the beach, taking a dip in the sea, exploring ancient ruins or wildlife spotting at the Akyatan Lagoon, which is home to lots of bird species and sea turtles.

It takes just under an hour to reach Karatas from Adana Airport, taking the D400 towards Adana and then the D815 south. The small city has numbered streets. However, they are numbered in a fairly haphazard fashion and shouldn’t be relied upon for navigational purposes.

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