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Find the best flight fares with Price Alerts

Always want to know the best fares for your trip? Set up a Price Alert to find out when things change so you can pounce…

Australia’s 10 most popular traditional foods

Trying local food is a big part of any holiday. Whether you’re new to Australia, you’re showing a friend round or you just want to expand your own horizons, Australia has plenty of unique food options to suit all tastes.

Splurget travel on the rise as Millennials seek moments of luxury on a budget holiday

SYDNEY, 16 MAY 2018Skyscanner Australia, the all-in-one travel app, has found* that many young Australians are opting for ‘Splurget travel’, as an alternative to the traditional budget holiday.

Eco-Travel: Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While You Roam The World

If you make a big effort to be awake about the environment at home, there’s no need to ditch your green values when you go on holiday.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bali: our top 8 regional picks

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re booking a luxury hotel in Bali, but if you’re after a little guidance on where to find the kind of hotels that Beyoncé would update her Instagram with, than worry not! Skyscanner Australia has rustled up Bali’s finest hotels in its most coveted regions, so you can score that perfect holiday pad, in the perfection location, and not be sitting there trawling through page after page of hotels wondering where you should stay in Bali.

Best Time to Book Cheap Domestic and International Flights

Are you missing out on cheap travel deals by booking at the wrong time? Get the best price on domestic and international flights with Skyscanner Australia. We reveal 2018’s Best Time to Book, along with a new and improved planning tool that’ll show you the best destinations and times to buy airline tickets.

3 out of 4 Aussies miss out on bagging the best flight deals by booking too late

Booking flights 21-22 weeks in advance tipped as the Best Time to Book – Data reveals that advanced booking is key to securing savings of more than 15% and avoiding price surges of up to 30%May is found to be the cheapest month to travel, while December is the month to avoidSkyscanner reveals the Best Time to Book airfares to popular international and domestic destinations this year to help Aussies plan their travel efficiently

Mental health holidays to rise as Aussies look to book before burnout

February 2018 – A survey by travel search app Skyscanner, has revealed that at least one in 10 Aussies (15%) are taking a wellness vacation this year with “mental exhaustion from work” cited as a key driver (27%) for booking a much-needed holiday focussed on wellbeing and relaxation.

Destination Inspiration: 7 Golden Globes nominees that will inspire you to travel more

With awards season comes a whole host of movies and television shows whose gorgeous locations cannot help but kick off the year with a huge dose of wanderlust. If you’re already feeling the itch to book flights somewhere amazing, then this year’s Golden Globes was chocked full of travel inspo, and Skyscanner Australia have listed the nominees most likely to get you planning your next travel adventure. Download Skyscanner app