Author: Oliver Gaywood

Why you should never post photos of your boarding pass online

It may seem like a harmless way to boast of an upcoming trip, but if you share a photo of your boarding pass on social media you might be telling people – friends and strangers alike – a lot more than just your next travel destination.

What to do if your airline loses your luggage

It’s a nightmare scenario to start your holiday: you get off your plane, jet lagged and in desperate need of a shower. After watching other passengers’ luggage circle round and round the baggage claim carousel you trudge to make a complaint, knowing you have to start your holiday without clean clothes or any of your home comforts.

The world’s most prestigious airport lounges uncovered

It’s no secret that those who fly in first or business class like to wait for their flights in style. Airport lounges add comfort to an otherwise painful wait, with better seating, complimentary food and beverages, free WI-FI and spa facilities to freshen up in between flights (to name a few perks!).

How to score a free hotel room upgrade

Everyone loves something for free. Whether you want to get boosted to business class on your flight or to move up to the presidential suite (or at least a slightly bigger room) in your hotel, there’s often a way. Skyscanner Australia has had a look at some of the best tried and tested methods for getting a nicer hotel room for free.

Australian guide to international travel adapters

There are currently 15 different plug types in use across the world, so it’s good to know what type of international power adapters to take with you when you travel. Skyscanner Australia looks at some of the most popular destinations for Aussie travellers and what plug type you’ll need when you arrive.

What to do in Athens and beyond

Athens is a city full of culture and history, and being Greece’s biggest airport it’s the main entry point for many Australians. There’s much to see and do in the capital, and after you’ve ticked off the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the other main sights, where else should you go? With over 6000 islands (227 inhabited ones), planning where to go in Greece can be a little overwhelming. To help, Skyscanner Australia has pulled together some of our favourite places to visit.

Top veggie-friendly destinations

A big part of what makes travel so special is the chance to try delicious cuisines in their native lands. As a vegetarian, things can be a bit trickier. While big cities across the world often have diverse options, smaller towns and those off the main tourist trail may be more likely to stick to traditional meat-based dishes. Skyscanner Australia has had a look at the places that are likely to understand requests for a vego diet.

Oversized luggage guide for Australian airlines

Whether you’re a musician, an athlete or a parent, there are times when you may need to pack an unusual or oversized object when you travel. Skyscanner Australia has had a look at the oversized baggage guidelines of some of the most popular airlines in the country.

How to get the business class experience in economy

The idea of flying business class is an appealing dream for many, one that’s often forsaken because of the huge jump in price from economy seats. With a bit of creative planning, it’s possible to upgrade your economy experience to something a little more luxurious without the huge price tag. Skyscanner Australia has already written about the airlines with the best economy seats and the top business class offerings, but how can you go from A to B without your wallet reeling?