Author: Oliver Gaywood

The best holiday destinations for families

Despite the huge positives that come from travelling as a family, it can be expensive and stressful which puts many parents off. There are ways to make it easier for everyone involved: short-haul flights mixed with either recognisable or exciting destinations can take the stress out of a holiday, especially when you can find a great deal.

Four of the best places to visit in Australia

Australia is a large and varied country, with plenty to see and do. While many of the best spots – from Melbourne and Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru – are much-visited, there are plenty of worthy holiday destinations in Australia that aren’t so well known.

Cheap holiday destinations to enjoy in 2017

Travel can be an expensive hobby, but it’s definitely possible to do it on the cheap. While domestic flights offer the best bang for your buck, living expenses in Australia often mean it’s cheaper to travel overseas for your holiday.

Travelling as a family? JetKids BedBox reviewed

Travelling with infants and children can be a stressful undertaking, no matter how experienced you are as a parent. The unfamiliar experience, long periods of waiting and the sometimes uncomfortable surroundings can have their toll on even the best behaved children.

Which airlines offer the best economy classes from Australia?

Your choice of airline can have a huge bearing on your overall travel experience, especially when travelling in economy class. A bad night’s sleep in a cramped seat, small cabin luggage limits and poor entertainment can all get things started on the wrong foot.

Four more premium economy classes that are worth paying for

When you’re flying long distance, it can be worthwhile upgrading from economy seats for a more enjoyable flight. While business class prices may be out of many travellers’ budgets, premium economy seats offer a pleasant alternative.

Avoid racking up a phone bill overseas – your data roaming options and alternatives

There was a time when using your phone overseas was a surefire way to rack up a bill as big as your airfare. Recent advances and improvements in network sharing has meant that prices have come way down.

The ultimate guide to the rainy season in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a hugely popular area for travellers from Australia, however the rainy season can play havoc with the best laid plans. Skyscanner Australia has compiled a list of all the countries in SE Asia to help travellers avoid the rainy season in Asia, or at least start your trip well prepared.

10 Best NSW Beaches for a Weekend Away

Just as bird naturally migrate with the season, Aussies automatically flock to the beaches in the summer. The east coast is one of the most beautiful in the world, with a multitude of beaches, surf spots and photogenic cliffs. Skyscanner Australia has had a look around New South Wales to find our favourite weekend retreats at some of the best NSW beaches.