Author: Jayne Gorman

Top 10 fun and free things to do in Sydney at night

Sydney’s glitzy nightlife is not known for being cheap, but away from the bars there are lots of fun and free things to do in Sydney. Skyscanner Australia shares 10 of the best things to do in Sydney at night – that won’t cost you a thing!

7 of the world’s best 7-star hotels

What gives a hotel a 7-star rating and what can you expect if you’re checking into their opulent hotel rooms? Skyscanner Australia checks out seven of the world’s best 7-star hotels to find out just how much bling you get for your (mega) bucks.

5 chic eco retreats: the best eco resorts in Australia

Experience the Australian wilderness in a way that’s chic yet eco-conscious with Skyscanner Australia’s pick of the best luxury eco resorts and eco-friendly lodges in Australia.

How to Sleep on a Plane: Best Positions, Seats & Sleeping Tips

If you’ve ever tossed and turned through a long-haul flight you’re not alone. We asked travellers on Skyscanner Australia whether they struggle to sleep on a plane and more than three-quarters (79%) of Aussies said yes. To help you get some shut-eye on your next flight, we’ve compiled our top tips for sleeping on a plane, including the best positions, seats and techniques for falling asleep on economy flights.

Qantas: Melbourne to San Francisco on the Dreamliner

From September 1st 2018 Aussie travellers will have a new way to travel to the USA as Qantas launches 4 direct flights a week from Melbourne to San Francisco on the Dreamliner. Here is the Skyscanner Australia lowdown on the new route that offers passengers a cutting-edge flying experience and an entry to the States that doesn’t involve LAX. Download Skyscanner app

Best Places For A Digital Detox in Australia

Is reaching for your smartphone the first thing you do when you wake up? Have you lost hours of your life mindlessly scrolling social media feeds? Then you, my friend, are in need of a digital detox holiday. Skyscanner Australia have identified 6 off-the-grid retreats across Australia where gadgets are unnecessary. Ease yourself into going smartphone-free by taking a digital detox somewhere the scenery and wildlife are all the distraction you need.

Top 5 Things To Do in Tohoku Region, Japan

Not many know this secret but the Tohoku region of Japan is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With its milky hot springs, majestic crater lakes and samurai history, the 6 prefectures of Tohoku offer a Japan holiday with a difference. To help you navigate the region north of Tokyo, travel blogger Jayne from Girl Tweets World shares with Skyscanner Australia her top 5 things to do in Tohoku.

Why Everyone Should Travel With Their Parents & How To Survive The Trip

Download Skyscanner app The popularity of multi-generational travel is on the rise as Aussie adults seek to retrace their roots or complete their travel bucket lists alongside their adventurous mums and dads. Skyscanner Australia spoke to Aussie travel bloggers about the bucket list travels they’d taken with their parents and asked for their top tips for making sure your relationship survives the trip.

7 airports that offer free city tours during long layovers

Download Skyscanner app At Skyscanner Australia we love a travel bargain and our research shows that adding a layover to your journey can result in savings of up to 50% to popular destinations for Aussie travellers. What’s more, if you plan your layover at one of the 7 airports we’ve identified below you can enjoy a complimentary city tour in-between flights. Download Skyscanner app